Blessed and Beautiful

Young women from the CFC Singles ministry form all over Goa attended and were lovingly served by a whole host of titas. The event was hosted by full-timer Abigail Ferrao. Speakers were Myvilia Dias, Kim Xavier, Giselle Pinto, Deidre Fernandes and Maria Corriea with sharings from Niquita Ferrao, Andrea Dora Dias and Kadisha De Sa. There were different workshops facilitated by Marie Lourdes Da Costa and Marissa Andrews.

Blessed and Beautiful was held to help young women re-discover their purpose in God through the sessions:

  • In the arms of my Father
  • Crown jewel of creation
  • Traveling light
  • Joys of sisterhood
  • Peek into the future

and workshops on Modesty and Majesty (dress & fashion AND grooming & make – up)

From the organizers: “Working with young women across India, we felt specific concerns were not being met. God impressed it upon our heart and together with direction from tita Ana, tita Maria and Kim over a period of 5 months – Blessed and Beautiful came to be.”

It was a time where the sisters became aware of who they are, where they come from, where they are and what God is calling them to do. It was organized to help the girls come to an understanding that life changes were to happen over the course of the following months as (and when) they are ready to deal with the different issues.

Blessed and Beautiful will be conducted in Mumbai 20-22 April, in Mangalore and another one in Goa for the girls who missed it in the months to come.

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