CFCI Youth, Mumbai had an intake camp titled #BOOMERANG- Come Back To God, from the 26th to the 28th of May 2017. The camp was held in Vinayalaya, Andheri(East). A total of 49 participants from Santacruz, Andheri, Mira Road and Virar attended this camp.

It began late afternoon with introductions and ice-breakers. The first talk “God’s Love and His Plan” taught all those present, about the immense nature of God’s love and made them believe that God has a plan for each one of them. The second talk encouraged all to reflect on who Jesus is to each one. The talk also entailed a small poem performed as a skit about the similar yet completely contrasting nature of Jesus and Alexander the Great. Each of these sessions were followed by a time wherein the participants were encouraged to share how they experienced God’s love in their life and also what role they allowed Jesus to play in their lives. This was done in smaller groups, each one having a group discussion head to help and guide the other members. The evening concluded with the entertainment night which helped the participants and the team to bond.

Day 2 began with the Holy Eucharist. The first activity planned for the day was a “Faith walk” where the participants were divided into pairs and had to take turns to lead and to be led by their partner, while their eyes were closed. This was also accompanied by the ‘Faith Fall‘ where some youth were asked to take part in a free fall with their friend standing behind, ready to catch them. The main motive of these two activities was to realize how much faith and trust one needs to have in Jesus and how it can be difficult at times but is always doable. On that high note, the talk “Repentance, Faith, Healing and Forgiveness” was delivered. The talk then progressed to an open forum wherein the participants voiced their questions regarding the sessions. An inner healing session was conducted as well, which touched the hearts of participants as they penned down their hurts and surrendered them to Jesus by symbolically pinning them to the Cross. Through the next talk “Receiving God’s gift: The power of the Holy Spirit,” the participants were introduced to the Holy Spirit and learned how to be able to receive and use the power of the Holy Spirit so as to be a better Christian. This was followed by one-to-one sessions and confessions for the participants and thereafter they were prayed over by their group leaders.

The participants wholeheartedly accepted Jesus in their lives, and we really saw the Spirit at work in them; quite a few receiving the gift of tongues. Each person had a fulfilling and unique experience and was excited to share their experience with others. The day ended with a few fun filled games and activities.

28th May dawned bright and sunny. The day began with praise and worship which was followed by a talk on “Growing in the Spirit” which guided the participants to face what lies ahead and gave them direction towards sustaining their new-found relationship with Jesus. Later that day, participants and parents wrote letters-of-appreciation to each other which they exchanged during parent child dialogue. This activity particularly touched the lives of the youth as they grew closer to their parents and expressed their love for them. The camp ended with the Holy Eucharist, which was celebrated by Fr. John. The music ministry took an active role in leading the participants to join in action songs which expressed their enthusiasm and joy in the Spirit. The participants and the team left the venue enriched. Not only had they returned back to their homes, but they had also boomeranged back to the Holy Spirit.

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