Born to Praise

The Kids Village was held on 1st May, 2016, at Dapada, Gujarat. It was organized by Couples for Christ India (CFCI), which included CFCI Couples, CFCI Youth and CFCI Singles. It was a day full of fun, enjoyment and learning for the kids between the age group of 4 to 12. There were around 100 kids present for this event.

After reaching the venue, the kids were very excited on seeing the music setup and the service team for this event. They had no idea about what was to be conducted for them. Once the registrations were done, they were sent to the hall where the dance and music ministry were awaiting their arrival. The kids were taught some of the action songs like “Duniya ke kone kone“, “Nachunga Gaunga” and “Jai Bolo“. They enjoyed dancing and jumping, while doing the actions. Then, the first Praise and Worship was conducted by Brother Darren.

After Praise and Worship, the children were divided into two groups. The elder kids were taken to a separate hall and so were the younger. They were then divided into smaller groups and each group had a separate group leader. After this, the groups then headed for different workshops.

God loves me and He made me special“- was the objective of the first talk. It was given by Sister Sarah to the younger kids and Brother Fredrick to the elder kids. The kids were made to do an activity named “Do you love me?” which gave them a brief idea about the talk. They were also made to sing some of the songs describing God’s love. Then, they were made to understand that God loves each one of us and He made us in His own image, in the palm of His hands. They were taught that our God is a loving Father who loves us unconditionally, who cares for us and has a special plan for us all.

Jesus in my life“- was the objective of the second talk. It was given by Brother Ashish to the younger kids and Sister Pratima to the elder kids. He conducted a puppet show, narrating the story of ‘Jesus walking on water‘ which the children enjoyed. Seeing this, they got to know the importance of Faith in their lives. Later, they were made to understand what Jesus does in our everyday lives. They were taught that Jesus is always there to hear and answer our prayers. Later, they were made to sing the song “Yeshu tera naam“, which gave them a brief idea of what Jesus does and can do in their lives. Example: Giving sight to the blind, healing the sick, etc. Then, they were made to understand how they can do Praise and Worship by Brother Darren. After which, the children went for a break and were made to write a letter to their parents post it.

After lunch break the children were made to do some of the action songs like “Meri zindagi” and “Yeshu Baba“. Then, the second Praise and Worship was conducted by Brother Ashish. Later, the third talk “Young enough to know Christ” was given by Sister Anju to the elder kids and Sister Amisha to the younger kids. They were made to do some of the activities to have a brief idea about the talk. Then, sister Amisha continued with her talk. They were taught that God has given each one of us different talents and that we all must make use of them for his glory. They were also taught that they are young enough to experience Jesus in their lives and that all are called to be the witnesses of Christ.

Later, we had a Praise Fest, in which the kids were made to do all the action songs they learnt one after the other. They did it with full enthusiasm, singing and dancing, and got themselves refreshed. It concluded with the summary of all the talks after which one of our brothers made a thanksgiving prayer. One of the CFCI Couple’s members gave a thanksgiving speech to all the children for making time to come for the event. The children left the premises with a smile on their face, spiritually nourished that now learned how to live a faithful Christian life and in the time to come. All the organizers, including the CFCI Couples, CFCI Singles and CFCI Youth gathered together, thanking God for all the graces He showered throughout the day. The organizers were appreciated for all their selfless efforts that made the event successful.

Written by Darren Henry and Dorin Xavier


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