Call for the mission

When I was called for this mission, I was amazed that God was calling me once again to the North- East to serve Him. I had served in these areas a year earlier. Hence it was with great joy and excitement that I said ‘Yes’ to this call. Even though there came some difficulties, God made a way for me.

This mission was different in most ways. Our focus was not as much in ‘conducting programs’ but in spending time and giving Christ to the youth and the CFCI families there. Whether it was cooking meals with them, dining with them or playing ‘antakshari’ while journeying with them, it was in these small but precious moments, that we got to be a family with them, share our faith and learn from each other. Also, their generosity and hospitality captivated our hearts.

In West Bengal (WB), we interacted with the youth through programs like Covenant Orientation, Leaders Assembly, etc. We also visited some of the CFCI Youth chapters in WB and conducted their weekly meeting. Throughout Mission, I could see God working through our talks and sharing. Although I’m not very fluent in Hindi, I found that God just put words into my mouth. Our main program was in Patna, where we conducted a three day program for all Youth leaders of the North-East, i.e. WB, Assam, Jharkhand and Orissa. One of our major struggles here was conducting the program in extremely hot weather. However, God gave us the grace to carry on His work. Our next stop was Bhagalpur in Bihar where we conducted an intake camp. Here we had the opportunity to meet an amazing priest Fr. Lucas. He and the neighboring Missionaries of Charity Sisters who hosted us were extremely generous and took good care of us. Their love and passion for God’s work truly inspired us.

On this Mission, God took me through some humbling experiences, including sleeping outside a train toilet, long rickshaw rides on the broken roads of Bengal. All this got me closer to my team; I spent an amazing time with Carol, Kelvin and Baptist. I learned so much from them, they were a blessing to me on this mission. I don’t regret going on Mission at all, God has taught me to praise and thank Him in all circumstances. I also learnt that in order to serve, you don’t have to be a person full of talents; God knows where we can be used to glorify His name. This one month of service for God’s community was amazing and special, I know that God has used me as His Instrument and I praise Him for it.

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