I called You by Your name: You are Mine

It’s really never too late to start anew

I joined the CFCI Singles community around 4 years ago, and since then it has been a fruitful and exciting journey. 4 years down the line when I look back, I regret the time I wasn’t a part of this community. Most of my friends were, and they kept telling me to join each year they had a CLS – but for some reason I kept giving them excuses, until I finally agreed to go for it. I am so happy that I ran out of excuses and I agreed to join, as since then I have never regretted this decision.

Soon it was time for my first conference! And oh! The feeling is one of pure bliss. If asked today, I still say my first conference was the best, because it was a whole new and different experience. Having said that though, I feel every conference has something unique to offer.

As August 18th 2017 drew closer, I had a bunch of mixed feelings. I was excited because I knew I did not want to miss it by any chance but I was sad because it would be my last conference. The 3 days were amazing and like always I left feeling happier and more enriched at the end of it.

When I think of what tomorrow holds, I am carefree as I know God will make a way. In any tricky situation, my gaze automatically shifts to God and I offer a prayer instead of worrying about it. I keep praising and thanking God throughout the day for being there and letting the day go by so smoothly. I can trust God more easily, knowing that whatever happens is as per His plan for me, which is always good.

I thank God for working in and through this community and for the grace and blessings it has bought into my life and into the lives of others in community as well.

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