Campus Ministry at Mount Carmel College

Christian institutions encourage their students to attend a retreat at the beginning of every academic year. Just like last year, the campus ministry of CFCI Singles, Bangalore reached out to many institutions to conduct weekend retreats. God in His abundant mercy, and love for His beloved children, opened doors in not one, but several well-known colleges.

We kicked off our campus ministry for the year 2017 with a retreat at Mount Carmel, PU College, in Vasanthnangar. Around 430 students attended the two-day weekend retreat at their college auditorium on the 23rd and 24th of June, 2017.

With a power-packed music ministry and a team led by Prajwal Pinto (CFCI Couples Bangalore), the two-day retreat proved to be fruitful and rewarding. The retreat began with a welcome speech by Sr. Ashwini D’souza, Principal of Mount Carmel College, followed by an orientation by the spiritual director of CFCI Bangalore, Rev. Fr. Johnson. Catholic teachings on various topics such as ‘God’s love‘, ‘Loving God with our heart, mind and soul‘, ‘Loving our neighbors‘, ‘Live Pure‘, ‘Discernment‘ and ‘Repentance and Faith‘ were imparted to the students.

The students also participated in a session of ‘inner healing‘ which was led by Fr Johnson. On the last day, the students had the privilege of availing of the sacrament of Reconciliation which they said transformed and renewed their lives.

The feedback we received from some participants of the retreat is as follows:
I absolutely loved this year’s as well as last year’s retreat. Your team is energetic, loving, funny and refreshingly new. You all are so open to discuss topics that most people would shy away from. The music was lively and invigorating. I loved all the testimonies and this retreat has truly renewed my faith in the Lord. I now realize that I need not seek love from other human beings as God’s love is enough for me. I suffer from a particular disease, but felt so healthy and full of life when I danced to the praise songs. Please know that you’ve succeeded in healing a 17 year- old girl mentally, physically and spiritually.

Thank you team. You guys seriously brightened up my life. I came to the retreat thinking it would be really boring but I was touched from the beginning of the retreat itself. Your team is really kind and sweet. I absolutely loved all the sessions. My dad is an atheist and he never permitted me to attend retreats. But this retreat turned out to be a miracle in my life. Each word of yours touched my heart. Love you loads.

Being part of the retreat made me happy and more devotional, especially because of the “Repentance and Faith’ session. God blessed me with courage to confess all my sins during the sacrament of reconciliation and now I feel so free; like I’ve been given a new lease of life. Thank you very much.

My first retreat and I didn’t expect it to be filled with so much of knowledge and fun. I understood who God really is and most importantly, I realized all my mistakes. The best part of the retreat is that it has helped me to have a relationship with God the Father.

I’ve attended various other retreats, but never partook in the sacrament of reconciliation. But after the ‘Repentance’ session, for the first time in my life, I confessed everything. Thank you guys.

With so many students being touched and healed by God’s love, the CFCI Singles, Bangalore community, now looks forward to reach out to more youngsters and set their hearts on fire for God.

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