What can a good confession do!

Having been in the CFCI singles community for 4 years I have experienced God work amazingly in my life. Lately, even more closely as my healer and deliverer. At last year’s conference Laudate, I learnt what it means to praise in all situations of my life because God is who He is and He never changes.

On hearing the announcement of this year’s conference, I was excited, opened the calendar on my phone and saved the dates. As months and days ran by, the conference approached faster than anticipated and my level of excitement kept increasing. A week before the conference while walking down the stairs, I missed a step and twisted my ankle. I sat right there in so much pain and the first thought to cross my mind was “what if it’s a fracture, how will I attend the conference?” by then my leg had swollen up. The Lord reminded me of the previous conference Laudate at that very moment, and I began praising and thanking Him for this pain.

That evening I went to the hospital to check on my foot, while I waited for my X-ray report I kept praising God and on receiving my report I was happy and relieved since it was just a sprain. The doctor told me to wear a bandage for a week or two and then I would be fine. However, I was in a lot of pain and walked with a limp.

As the day of the conference commenced and we reached the Old Goa retreat center, I was filled with joy to meet my brothers and sisters from across India. While we were entering I realized the elevator wasn’t working compelling me to take the stairs. Now this was rarely painful but I used it as an opportunity to offer this suffering up for lost souls.

Day one of the conference began and through the talks God rebuked me in areas I needed to repent specially Lust of the flesh, of the eyes and pride of life. That night as I retired to bed I went through the examination of the conscience which helped me prepare for a good confession the following day.

The next day as I confessed my sins and said my penance, I experienced the never ending mercy and forgiveness of God. The Lord filled me once again with His grace and I was set free from the chains of sin and at that very moment I received a physical healing from Him. He healed me instantly of my ankle pain. I removed the bandage and could once again walk properly. I jumped and danced before my God during the praise and worship time.

“He has done great things to me and Holy is His name and I give glory to Him for He is my healer and deliverer.”

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