Personal Relationships

The Origin of the Rosary

One Sunday morning, as I was finalizing the content to share for youth catechesis, I felt the Lord telling me to share about his mother. Though initially reluctant to change the topic I had planned, I eventually gave in and shared about how Mary is the new Eve and the new ark of the covenant ahead of the feast of the Assumption. After some trying sessions with this batch of youth, I was feeling challenged to the point of questioning if it was really God’s plan for me to continue taking classes. But after sharing about Mother Mary that day, I found a turnaround in interest in the kid’s attitude to the classes and even my own enthusiasm to teach grew leaps and bounds. Continue reading

Personal Relationships

My Guardian Angel

As we walk on the path- the path of life and death, there is a person who draws us towards life. He walks with us through our sorrows and joys. He guards us against every evil deed. We can’t feel or touch him but we know he is with us, showing his power over evils. Continue reading

Personal Relationships

Trusting in His plan

Do we not, in many situations, trust ourselves more than we trust our Creator? Having been created in His image and likeness, shouldn’t we offer up our lives to Him to execute the plan He has for us?

In a world filled with trials, temptations, desires and wants, approaching the Creator and surrendering ourselves seems a bit hard. The longings of the world keep us covered with a pseudo-shell and pull us away from the notions of living a life pleasing to Him on high. How then do we overcome them and come closer to Him, who is ever ready to hear our plea? Continue reading