CFCI Handmaids

CFCI Handmaids of the Lord CFCI’s family ministries focuses on the evangelization of women aged 40 years old and up. Specifically, it provides a support environment for the following: single mothers, separated or divorced women, unmarried and mature single women, widows, married women whose husbands are working abroad or physically incapacitated or not at the moment interested in any religious affiliations. Realizing the difficult life and role that these women play in family and society due to loneliness, rejection and fear, CFCI Handmaids of the Lord provides pastoral guidance and support to its members. By the support, they receive through community and they’re interacting with other women whose circumstances are similar to theirs, they gain empowerment.

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Oh the joy of knowing that my sisters care for me. When I am troubled and stressed out in the process of handling chores, caring for children and raising funds, my Shepherd God holds my hand, walks with me and comforts me through my dedicated sisters in the Handmaids of the Lord. He is my strength my advocate and my guide so I can carry on singing I am the Handmaid of the Lord.