Mark 10:14 says,

‘Let the children come to me and do not stop them, for the Kingdom of God belongs to such as these’

CFCI Kids serves our precious little ones by helping them build a relationship with Jesus in the company of other children in a fun-loving environment filled with songs, games and new friendships. Those who serve in it stand alongside parents to build on the principles taught at home, so that our li’l ones have a strong foundation in Christian values.

CFCI Kids for Christ serves children primarily in the CFCI community. Children of CFCI parents between the ages of 4 to 12 years are automatically a part of it. Children between 4 and 8 years come under the category of ‘Junior Kids’ and those between 9 and 12 years are placed in the ‘Senior Kids’ category. This distinction is made to help those serving with the kids cater to them better, with different activities, themes and presentations used for the two age groups.

CFCI Kids is unique in that it allows the entire family of CFCI to come together and serve. Couples serve as ‘Formators’ and take on the responsibility of bringing the children together and making sure activities are designed and implemented. CFCI Youth for Christ serve as ‘Big Brothers and Sisters’ to the children. The youth are role models for the children and interact directly with the kids in the programs. CFCI Singles for Christ and Handmaids serve especially at the time of the annual Kids camps and the ‘Kids Village’ program. Parents play a major role in helping their children experience God’s love. Wherever CFCI Kids is present, the entire chapter comes together to support this special group.

CFCI-Kids is not a school or day care centre, but is an integral part of the family of CFCI, and serving in it is as essential and important as working with any other section of the community.

Our programs for kids include:

  • Kids Camps
    • The Kids Camp is an annual camp within the chapter. There are a variety of themes to choose from, which range from the ‘Eco Camp’ that deals with teaching children that God is Creator and we must love and protect this gift from God. They also learn different ways to practically preserve the environment. ‘You Are a Star Camp’ helps kids discover and showcase their talents. The kids also play games that teach them that they are a part of a team and must work together to win, and the ‘God’s Li’l Army’ program teaches our children that we are all called to serve in God’s army and defend Him in the world. The entire weekend is organized in a boot-camp style and kids feel like they are training to join God’s Army. These camps are usually overnight.

Praise Fest at I am Royalty Camp in PuneWorkshop by Raynol at I am Royalty Camp in BangaloreBoys Overnight Program in Goa

  • Monthly meetings
    • The monthly meeting is organized around a specific theme generally the Season the Church is in at that time or the fruits of the Spirit which always have a verse from the Bible to encourage children to read the Bible. Each meeting has a time of praise, learning songs, games ,a teaching session based on the theme, and an activity to bring out the theme. The meeting lasts about 2 hours, and is generally held on a Sunday afternoon or Saturday evening.
  • Kids Villages
    • The Kids Village is the highlight of the year, and is special because many chapters come together to participate in the program. The entire family of CFCI serves in different capacities during the program to help make it a success for our children. It is a one-day program that sets direction for the year and allows each chapter present the activities in the year gone by.

Praise Fest at I am Royalty Camp in BangaloreI am Royalty Camp in Mumbai

  • KFC Parish
    • An exciting mission enterprise that integrates kids from CFCI families living in the parish, and other children from the parish, to meet together and share the community with each other. It gives children a fun way to evangelize even at their young age as well as a way to make new friends. Couples in CFCI also get a wonderful opportunity to reach out to couples in the parish in search of a support system.

The Kids’ Promise:

  1. I will pray to God every day.
  2. I will always respect and obey my parents and elders.
  3. I will always be good to my brothers, sisters, classmates, and friends.
  4. I will study my lessons well.
  5. I will tell others about Jesus.

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