CFCI Servants

CFCI Servants, one of CFCI’s family ministries, focuses on the evangelization of men aged 40 years old and up. Specifically, it provides a support environment for the following: single fathers, separated or divorced men, unmarried and mature single men, widowers, married men whose wives are working abroad, physically incapacitated or not at the moment interested in any religious affiliation

What does CFCI intend for Servants?

  • An inviting and vibrant community of men
  • Involved in evangelization and and social ministries
  • Transistion ministry for bachelors and widowers

Who are potential Servants?

  • Bachelors : Single mature men
  • Married men : Living apart from the wives and children / wives not member of the community
  • Widowers : Spouse passed away
  • Separated : Those whose marriage did not work