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Young, employed and not yet married!

It’s a super exciting period in your life. It’s the time when you have stepped out from your parents’ shadow and are learning to be your own person. College life is over. You are now ready to live as a truly independent individual, building your career, your own home and finding that special someone to spend your life with. But, this is also a time when single men and women can get easily disconnected from values that they perhaps once treasured.

With our job comes money. And the lure of things that money can buy. With our career comes ambition. And the urge to make it real big, real fast! And like it or not, peer pressure still plays a big role in our lives – if we let it. It doesn’t help that so many of our friends seem to be enjoying a lot more than us, does it?

And while we are supposed to be enjoying this period in our lives, are we truly happy?
We spend our time, our energy and our money to make it big in life and enjoy the life that comes with success and recognition.

So, is there anything wrong with that? Not at all!

We need to enjoy our life, but it is important to also stay rooted in God and feel His joy in our lives.

Are we saying that loving God means that we need to not enjoy life? Absolutely not!

The key is to be a part of the world we live in, and yet stay true to our Catholic faith and its values. True joy, peace and fulfillment comes when we find a way to live in this world – but still have God as the centre of our lives.

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So, how is a single man or woman to do this?
CFCI Singles has been working with single Catholic men and women for over ten years now, in helping them live the authentic Christian life. The community works together, with members leaning on each other to find that answer.

Who is it for?
It is a group of Catholic single men and women who have completed their studies, but haven’t yet gotten married. While there is no age bar observed, members tend to be in age group between twenty and thirty six. Apart from monthly and annual events, CFCI Singles also has local meetings in its respective chapter every week. You will definitely find the programs that CFCI Singles regularly organizes, or just hanging out with other members, super fun too!

If you want to join…
You will have to attend a program called a Christian Life Seminar. Post this program, you will have the option of joining CFCI Singles.
We would love to have you join us, but joining us is an option; you may drop out of the program any time you wish. Or, you may complete the program and still decide not to join us.
Sounds like something that you want to be a part of?

If you want more information about us, then get in touch with us via mail at cfcisingles[@] or here!

You can also find us on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube!!