CFCI Youth

What is CFCI Youth?

CFCI Youth, is a section of Couples for Christ India. It currently exists in ten states across India, with thousands of youth currently a part of this group.

How can I join?

A camp that is usually organized during school/college vacations is the entry point into CFCI Youth. Any Catholic youth aged between 13 to 20 years is welcome to join. If you attend the camp, you will be asked at the end of the camp, if you wish to join CFCI Youth – the choice is yours. The camp is a fun-filled 3 day program packed with games, music, dancing, and of course, sessions designed to help you understand your faith better. It is a chance to encounter God, make some new friends and best of all, have an unforgettable Christ experience!

CFCI Youth in Praise Fest at NYC GujaratCFCI Youth intake camp in PuneCFCI Youth at Femm Weekend

Why should I join?

Life is tough. And as teenagers, it can seem like things are just always uphill with constant pressures and struggles. Some of us may be searching for answers, some searching for God, and some of us just want to have a good time. This, and so much more, is what you would find in CFCI Youth. CFCI Youth members are passionate about God and are wacky fun people! Yes we pray, and prayer and faith is an important part of being in this community. But you will definitely find the programs that CFCI Youth regularly organizes, or just hanging out with other members super fun too! Apart from monthly and annual events, CFCI Youth has local meetings in its respective chapter every week.

If I am a parent, why should I send my child to join this group?

CFCI Youth believes no one is “too young” to know Christ, and keeping that in mind the community organizes programs to help its members learn more about their faith and develop a stronger relationship with their God. Through the years, we have seen how building on their faith has helped youth become more confident, have better relationships with their friends and family, and most importantly form a deep sense of understanding what they are called for. And if you believe all this is important, maybe you should think about joining CFCI yourself!

Besides monthly and yearly events, youth also attend weekly meetings that are held in their local chapter. These meetings are headed by “formators,” who are couples from the CFCI chapter in the area. A significant characteristic of CFCI Youth entails a support system where a regular follow-up and routine check is done to ensure that members are on the right path. And when they stray, they are nudged back on track. All this helps them make better decisions in life and choices based on their values, so they don’t fall prey as easily to peer pressure or other influences.

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