CFCI Leaders’ Meet with Frank Padilla

The CFCI Leaders’ Meet along with Frank Padilla and Raymond Arguelles was held at Patna on 2nd December, 2016; Through this the participants were greatly refreshed, enlightened and received a renewed understanding of their role in God’s work – on evangelizing, family, couple renewal and work for the poor that was addressed by Servant General Brother Frank Padilla.

He further alerted them on the need to share and to be committed in their efforts while countering the attacks of the enemy. The term ‘Servant Leadership‘, though contradictory, was made clearer with guidelines by giving the example of our precious Lord. The team put in unconditional efforts to organize the meet and catered selflessly to the participants needs.

Brother Frank urged them to be holy warriors, rejoicing in suffering, donning the armour of God, soak in the Word of God and drawing grace from the Holy Eucharist. He also spoke on preserving love and mercy like Jesus showed us, always ever watchful against any signs of disunity.

‘It’s the evil one’s expertise in division and schism so we need to prepare in holiness, have a vision and mission, persevere in difficulties praying for each other and praising God always’, he said.

Brother Ramon Arguelles reminded them of the call to new Evangelization along with the clergy and while praising God in the fruit of CFCI, so visible in Assam affirmed the need to continue with the Triune God always with his people.

Brother Francis Araujo of Goa drew on the need to avoid being “lukewarm” while Brother Elvis Coutinho detailed the Formation Talks schedule for couples joining CFCI. The participants rejoiced in praying and praising together and bonding as a family.

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