CFCI Singles Conference 2014

CFCI is pleased to announce the CFCI National Singles Conference 2014 to be held from 29th-31st August 2014 at Goa. This year once again, Goa will play host to the CFCI Singles from all over India. Three days packed to the brim with fellowship, prayer, intercession, praise and much more and you have an offer of a front row seat.

How to secure your place?
It’s simple! All you need to do is contact your formators with all your details. Ensure you carry a photocopy of ‘Proof of Identification’ (Passport, Drivers License, Election Card etc) to be handed over at registration as it is a security requirement at the venue.

Registrations have already begun, so please ensure you register soon to avoid disappointment as we have limited seats. Check in will begin at 8am bright and early on 29th August and Conference kicks off at 10am. To ensure that everyone gets in on time, arrangements for pick up from Panjim Bus Stand and Karmali Railway Station will be organised. So, please mention your mode of transport and arrival details in the registration sheet. However, those who wish to arrive before 29th or stay after the 31st and require to be hosted will have to let us know through your formators, latest by 15th August in order to allow us time to make the necessary arrangements.

For information on donations/accommodation, please contact your formators. If any of you are facing constraints in making the necessary arrangements to attend the program, we encourage you to speak to your formators. We are hopeful that your formators will find a solution to address the constraint, should you desire to attend.

Once registered, you will receive all information regarding individual competitions and group competitions via email. We also request you to continue praying for the conference both as a participant as well as for the team and people working to make it an enriching and spiritual experience for you.

So get your bags packing and see you in Goa.

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