Christmas Party – 2013

To commemorate the Birth of Jesus Christ, the CFCI Singles Bangalore organised a Christmas party for the CFCI Community in Bangalore, on 15 December, 2013. To relive the moments that happened 2000 years ago, the Singles had requested all the members to dress up in a Christmassy outfit.

The celebrations began with praise and worship, led by Elvis Dias. As the festive mood set, Mercy Joseph shared the Christmas message with the gathering.

The Our Lady of Sacred Heart (OLSH) hall, at Sarjapur, filled with men and women, young and old were dressed up like Kings, Shepherds, Mother Mary, Angels, Snow man etc. The celebrations also included many games that were Christmas centric. Some of them were, Recycled Christmas Tree, Carol Action Songs, Minute to win etc.

During Recycled Christmas Tree, the couples made best use of the waste things provided to them and made unique Christmas trees by decorating their own pals. It was followed by some action songs where the couples were quick in grasping and depicting them successfully. There were also Minute to win it games for both men and women, separately.

To set the festive mood in full swing, Crispin and team sang the Christmas carols softly, all-through. The members were also encouraged to get their old clothes and toys to share with the poor, to celebrate the true spirit of Christmas.

At the end, Prajwal Pinto, expressed his gratitude to all the priests of OLSH parish, for giving the hall for all CFCI programmes. He also thanked the Singles for organising the party.

The CFCI community returned back to their homes as one family, with the message that everything is possible when Jesus is made as the center of our lives.


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