The Christmas Treasure Hunt

The CFCI-Singles Caranzalem Chapter wished to spread the message of Christmas in an innovative way. The most attractive way to do so was to organise a treasure hunt for working singles based on the story of Christmas.

Treasure Hunt

About 8 spots were identified in the city of Panjim where the story would unfold. The central spot was the municipal garden (Garcia D órta). 10 teams had pre registered for the event and each team comprised of five participants (4 new participants and 1 existing CFCI-Singles member). The teams were asked to perform tasks like carol singing, giving gifts to strangers, word games, number games, wuzzles, etc in order to get their next clue. On completion of the tasks the teams were given small stickers that told them a part of the Christmas story. Their job was to collect all the stickers and complete the Christmas story.

The advantage of this event was twofold. One was to spread the Christmas story among young people in a way they wouldn’t forget. The second was to get them to know more about the CFCI Singles community. The event ended with a short time of fellowship and a prayer

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