Cleanliness Drive

In his encyclical letter released on 25th May 2015, ‘On Care for Our Common Home‘ (Laudato Si’), Pope Francis addressed every person living on this planet, for an inclusive dialogue about how we are shaping the future of our planet. In it, the Pope critiques consumerism and irresponsible development laments environmental degradation and global warming, and calls all people of the world to take ‘swift and unified global action’.

Keeping this in mind, the Porvorim chapter of CFCI Singles decided to have the first of its kind-an outreach in the form of a cleanliness drive on 26th January 2019.

Around 16 members assembled at Baga beach on that evening at 4:00 pm. Despite being a long weekend and the place bursting with local tourists, nothing deterred us from going ahead with our mission. We decided to focus on those areas of the beach usually neglected by Panchayat workers. Although we were quite a few in number, we took quite a while to clean even a small stretch of the beach; realising how very easy it is to litter the beach, but how exasperating it is to clean it up. A few people who noticed us cleaning decided to help too, whereas the others just preferred watching us from a distance. Some tourists even took selfies with us but preferred not picking up the garbage around us.

Conducting this cleanliness drive made us realise how much trash we humans generate, and how as educated people we are all guilty of throwing those empty ‘wafer packets’ or ‘plastic/glass bottles’, only to be picked up and cleaned by a less or uneducated person.

Although we cleaned just a small area of the beach, we managed to collect 30 large bags of garbage. We might have not managed to do a lot, but it was certainly fulfilling that we did our small bit for our land and the environment.

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