CLS & MER @ Jammu

The Christian Life Seminar (CLS) in Jammu took place from 23rd June – 25th June 2017. 24 couples and 9 handmaids participated in the program which was held at the Velankani Mata Church Nagrota Jammu. The CLS was conducted in 2 parts: The initial part of the program (23rd-25th June) consisted of the 1st 7 talks and ended with the pray over session for the participants which was held in an atmosphere of faith, peace and openness.

The 2nd part of the program was held over a period of 2 days; 8th and 9th July which concluded the CLS.

In order to facilitate a deeper spiritual and personal growth, the members were divided into 2 households and the Community Orientation Program (COP) teachings were delivered once a month. On completion of the COP teachings, the members were taken through the Discipleship Orientation Program (DOP).

After a renewed understanding of God’s call as Christians, the covenant ceremony was held, at which 16 couples and 5 handmaids made the commitment to live out the gospel message in their daily lives and be Christ to all those they encounter. It was indeed a joyful moment as the new members were welcomed into the CFCI family.
Our community, being oriented towards building strong families for Christ also focuses on programs such as the Marriage Enrichment Retreat (M.E.R). This program was conducted for the Jammu and Kashmir chapter from 18th to 20th May 2018, by a team from Goa, led by Francis Araujo and Angela Araujo.

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