CLS @ Pimpri

The CFCI-Pune service team had a hesitant start, as they were expecting just 2-3 participants, for the Pimpri CLS, a week prior to the programme. To the service team’s surprise, around 200 participants gathered for the CLS on that day. The parish priest encouraged his parishioners to come forward to attend the programme. The programme was held at Our Lady Consoler of the Afflicted, Pimpri Church, Pune.

On Sunday the 23rd of September, after the Marathi Mass, the crowd entered the hall, to take part in the CLS. This challenged the service team members as they had to translate the sessions sentence by sentence, in Marathi for the Marathi speaking crowd. It started off with a brief orientation followed by sessions – ‘God’s Love’, ‘Who is Jesus Christ’ and ‘What it means to be a Christian?’ During the sessions, actions songs were also taught to the participants.

The response was overwhelming and the parishioners participated enthusiastically.

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