Come Alive – RYC 2018

The Regional Youth Conference 2018 was held from 9th to 11th of November 2018, at King’s School Margao, Goa. Delegations came from Mumbai, Pune, Mangalore and Bangalore, along with various parts of Goa. There were around 250 youth who attended the conference. The theme of the conference was based on Matthew 11:28-30

The Music Ministry was led by FIRST AID – band, set a very divine ambience to kick-start the conference with praise songs. The hosts for the next three days of the conference were the very well-balanced duo of jokes, fun, and energy – Afrodite Colaco and Kenneth Coutinho.

The first day started, with a Worship101 session, clearing the question about, ‘How do we worship’? It was followed by Carlton Lobo (CFCI Youth, Mangalore) who led the participants through the first praise and worship.

The first session soon followed, “The Invitation” given by Joshua Cordeiro. The session spoke about the invitation – who sends it and to whom it is sent to. The session also highlighted the types of the burden the youth carry nowadays, followed by the 3D’s Distraction, Discouragement, and Doubt; followed by the promise of rest. The session focused on the verse Matthew 11: 28.

Every session followed with a group discussion, where every participant was allotted a group leader. Post lunch, the participants recited the Divine Mercy Rosary and then another Worship101 session was given by Levin Gomes. He cleared the difference between a praise song and a worship song and explained why we take the routine 3 songs for worship and then a short worship session which was led by Vernon Serrao (CFCI Youth, Mangalore).

The next session which was ‘Yoked to Freedom’, was given by Dr Ehrlson de Sousa, who spoke about what is the rest that the Lord has promised us. This session also highlighted, what it means to be yoked to Jesus, that Jesus is inviting us to be a part of His work. A major section of the session was about the lies that don’t allow us to be yoked to Jesus and the truth was supported by scripture verses. The session ended with a statement that we are not alone because our God is with us (Matthew 11:30).

Soon after there was mass, Fr Austin Fernandes broke the word to the participants. The evening ended with dinner and some competitions.

The second day began with the Holy Eucharist, the word was broken by Fr Solon followed by breakfast and then the 3rd session of Worship101 given by Vanessa. She spoke on why men lead worship, post which there was a time of worship lead by Joel Monis (CFCI Youth, Mumbai).

The participants were divided into 2 groups, each group had to go through a time of reflection & adoration and prepare themselves for confession.

While one group was preparing themselves for confession, the other was taken for a workshop that was led by David De Mello. The workshop was about how participants can become a true worshipper by highlighting the points of the attitude towards worship, laying down burdens, adoring and listening to God & overcoming distraction.

Post lunch, the participants attended the On-Venue Competitions which was a refreshing activity.

Soon followed the 3rd session, “Learning to Rest” was given by Tara Saldanha. The main focus was on ‘What do we have to learn from Jesus? It highlighted 6 attributes – Meekness, Humility, Obedience, to be led by Holy Spirit, Trust and Surrender. The session was a talk show between a few sharers and the speaker where they spoke about their life experience revolving around these attributes (Matthew 11:29).

In the evening, the participants had a costume party themed – Catholic Super Hero. The party had different mini-games and spot prizes, followed by a wonderful worship session led by the band Faith.

Day 3 started off with the celebration of the Holy Eucharist by Fr Wilson. After breakfast, there was another Worship101, followed by Relston Lobo, who led worship.

There were 2 workshops post this. The first was done by Belinda De Melo who spoke about ‘Social Media’. The other workshop was done by Erushka De Sousa, LECTIO DIVINA – how to go about reading the bible. All the participants were given a passage on a worksheet, followed by 5 steps to how to read the scripture – Lectio (read), Meditatio (Meditate), Oratio (Prayer), Contemplatio(contemplate) and Actio (Act).

In the afternoon there was a pray over session for all the participants. Later, Aaron led the last worship101, he spoke about ‘Prophecies’. Post which the praise fest began which was led by Shail Castelino (CFCI Youth, Bangalore). The conference ended with each of the participants, having a new reason to live in Christ again.

For more photos check our CFCI Youth Page Album

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