Covenant Ceremony – CFCI Mangalore

A hall beaming with bright smiles and warm hugs with a wide range of voices wishing ‘Welcome to the family!’, ‘Congratulations!’, ‘God bless!’ – all on the 4th of August as the Mangalore chapter had their commitment program at the Pastoral Centre, Bajjodi with all segments – couples, singles and youth taking their commitment, the chief guest of the program being none other than the Holy Spirit.

The program began with a short and sweet welcome followed by praise and worship after which we were briefed about the covenant with its meaning explained very beautifully as an agreement or a contract and not merely a promise. This threw light on what we were about to do in the next few minutes. Then came the most important part of the entire ceremony – the youth dressed in white, the singles and the couples lit up and held their wonderfully-decorated candles and read out the covenant promising to serve God, their family, CFCI and to evangelize.

Once this was done the entire community called out to Lord Jesus to send His Spirit on this family. The occasion was graced by our spiritual director Rev. Fr Anil D’Souza who blessed each one of us and gave us the covenant cards which even had our names on them (woohoo!). After this, a few important announcements were made followed by the age-old tradition of the wishing–chain and quite a few pictures were clicked to treasure these moments. That day we walked out with what I would call showers of blessings and the fire of His love burning in our souls.

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