Covenant Day – Porvorim

6 Couples and 30 singles receive their covenant in Porvorim

The Porvorim chapter of Goa district celebrated their ‘Covenant Day’ 30th August 2018 where a massive number of 6 young couples and 30 singles received their covenant with the hall packed to full capacity.

The evening began with fellowship where the new members were warmly welcomed and served snacks and drinks. The hall was well decorated with flowers and candles to add to the cheer and excitement. Tito Anthony then addressed the community by speaking on how we should be committed to our relationship with Christ as well as the community. This was followed by praise and worship which was led by Tito Herwin.

Tito Alwyn, our newly appointed chapter servant then declared about the change in responsibilities of all the formators and chapter servants. An anointing and pray over session was then held over our household servants, formators and chapter servants for strength, wisdom and guidance from the Holy Spirit as they take on their new responsibilities. This was followed by the main event that is the covenant ceremony for which Tito Alwyn led the new members through the covenant which is to follow Christ, to build a strong family for Christ, to live a community life and to be a witness to the world of God’s love. It was also a good opportunity for the older members to renew their covenant.

Each new member was given a candle, the covenant card and a paper enlisting all the vows on which they signed, after which the music ministry sang ‘Welcome to the Family’ to officially welcome all the members. Tito Ehrlich and Tita Suzette, our singles formators then personally welcomed each member with a warm hug. Our sector servant, Tito Jeffery spoke on how privileged we are to be part of the community and finding Christ at such a young age while most people aren’t.

The evening then ended with a closing prayer followed by a few photographs. Everyone went home renewed and excited to be committed to Christ and the community, to be witnesses of God’s love and to dedicate ourselves to the task of building strong families for the church of God.

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