Covenant Orientation – Mangalore

The CFCI Singles and Youth of Mangalore had their Covenant Orientation on Sunday, September 23, 2018, at Milagres English Medium Higher Primary School Hall. The main theme was taken from 1 Peter 2:21 which said,

“Be Holy, because I am Holy”.

Around 11 singles and 14 youth were present for this one-day program. It was a day filled with fun, fellowship and new learning.

The program began with an icebreaker that helped everyone to get to know each other better. After this, we started the orientation with a praise and worship, surrendering the day to God our Father. We then had the first session on “The Call to Holiness“ where we were told how we too could become holy. The session helped us to realize the need for personal prayers and scripture reading and inspired us to do the same. The second session was on “The Call to Strengthen Christian Family“. During this session, we learnt more on how important is family. It was an eye-opener to many of us which helped us to show more respect, love and care towards our families.

Each session was followed by a group discussion which helped us to decide how we would put to practice what we heard. This was followed by a short lunch break. We then assembled back to have an activity where the team was to dress up like a family and introduce themselves with a jingle. This activity helped us realize how each member in a family is unique and precious.

Next, we had the third session on “The Call to Living in a Christian Community“. This helped us to discover what we as individuals could do to contribute to the community which was followed by a group discussion that provided an opportunity to express any reason that stopped us from coming for meetings. The last session was on “The Call to being a Christian Witness”. Sharing a testimony is not about boasting, it’s a way we strengthen someone else who might be going through the same situation was one of the main messages that we took from this session. This sharing helped us to understand how when we evangelize, it’s more about others than ourselves. We then came to the end of the day with a praise fest where we danced and praised God for the wonderful day.

The program thus came to an end where all of us carried home a great message that had to be shared and lived for the glory of God!

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