Covenant Orientation Program – Goa

The Covenant Orientation Program was an enriching experience for me. It was a fun-filled weekend that helped me bond with my fellow CFCI Singles, and we are much closer as a group now.

Taking inputs from our resource people, and sharing our lives and experiences has given me a better understanding of how God wants us to live our lives not only on a personal note, but also in our families and communities.

I have been able to implement many of the pointers that were given at the COP, which has changed my life in many little ways. On a personal level the COP has helped me strengthen my relationship with God, and I confide with him more often than before. I seek his help in even the pettiest of issues.

With my family too, I have become more tolerant with opinions that conflict with mine, and this has reduced the number of conflicts and arguments in my home considerably. The COP was a wonderful learning experience.

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