Daughter of the King

I am not my satin shoes
I am not the clothes I buy
I am not my bank account
Don’t measure me moneywise

I am not my education
I am not my career choice
I am not the cars I have
Don’t define me by my toys

I am not a relationship status
I am not the friends I make
I am not the house I live in
Don’t rate me for society’s sake

I am not the movies I watch
I am not the books I read
I am not the music I listen to
Don’t reckon me by my feed

I am not the hair I have
I am not the smile I smile
I am not my jean size
Don’t judge me by my style

Judge me by the love I share
Judge me by the peace I bring

Define me by my kindness
Define me by my patience

Measure me by my spirit
Measure me by my faith

My worth has already been determined
My value has already been defined

I am loved
I am priceless

I am the daughter of the King of the Universe

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