Daughters of the King

Daughters of the King, a CFCI singles women’s program was held from June 3rd (6.00 pm) to June 5th (5.00 pm). It took place at Passionist Jyothir Bhavan, Carmelaram and was attended by 18 participants. The venue was beautifully set in purple and pink.

Daughters of the King

The program began with praise and worship which was led by Bridget Franklin, after which we were briefed on what the program, would be about. The next morning, we began the day with praise and worship. Ligia Ribeiro led us through this. The first session was on ‘Crown jewel of creation‘ by Kim Xavier, the Cluster Servant of Bangalore. Through this session we got to know what God had in mind when he created a woman.

The next session was ‘Our silent cries‘ by Christina Santiago, CFCI couple from the North Chapter. She spoke about ten cries that are manifestations of our brokenness. The ten cries are the cry of violence, delinquency, hyperactivity, performance, pleasure/gratification, distraction, instability, depression, suicide and disturbed sexuality. The participants shared about their cries in their groups.

The five keys to freedom‘ was a session by Kim Xavier that taught us the keys that we should use to set us free from spiritual bondage. The five keys are repentance and faith, forgiveness, renouncing the work of your enemy, standing in the authority of Christ and receiving God’s blessing of your identity and destiny.

We then had an unbound session with our group animators. This was a one on one session where we recalled and shared our traumatic experiences, identified and forgave the people whom we needed to forgive, repented for our wrongdoings, renounced the working of the evil spirits and the lies we believed in the name of Jesus. After our one on one’s we went for a confession.

The next session was ‘Staying victorious‘ by Melissa D’souza, the Formator for CFCI Kids from Bangalore South Chapter. Through this session we learnt tools by which we can discipline ourselves and stay victorious when we go through temptations. The tools are Bible reading, rosary, adoration, confession, Eucharist, mortification of the body, accountability and personal prayer.

The following day began with praise and worship by Alzina D’souza. The next session ‘Joys of sisterhood by Maria Laveena, full-time Pastoral Worker of CFCI Singles, taught us how important it is to love and support our fellow sisters in our community. We were reminded of the visitation of our mother Mary to Elizabeth through which the need to be sisters that build, heal and strengthen each other was emphasized. This session was followed by an activity. Three types of cards ‘I appreciate you‘, ‘I love you‘ and ‘I am sorry‘ were given to us. We sent messages to each other on these cards.

Modesty and Majesty was a session on the beauty of being modest. We were told that our bodies are precious and holy, and they need to be covered. As the name of the program ‘Daughters of the King‘ suggests that we are all princesses, we were asked by Maria if Princess Kate Middleton itself is so modest, how much more the princesses of heaven should be modest.

The last session ‘Vocation and discernment‘ by Vinita Selvan, CFCI Couple from North Chapter dealt with a common question among singles if we are called to singlehood, consecrated life or married life. We were asked to be open to the will of God in our lives. She ended the session with a quote ‘if today you hear His voice, harden not your hearts’.

We then celebrated the Holy Mass, post which our animators gave each one of us a crown and a chain as a symbolic representation of being the most loved Daughters of the King. We were also given rosaries that were blessed by the priest after mass. The program came to an end with a praise fest that was led by the all women band led by Karen Mascarenhas, Formator for CFCI Kids from Bangalore North Chapter.


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  1. This programme has time and again brought forth the wonderful truth that our Creator God willed beauty to being synonymous with holiness, and that really clarifies and lights up the goal -the standard we are to live out as daughters of the King! #newgeneration