The day I said ‘Yes’ to Jesus

When I was approached to serve at a North-East mission in Assam, I was super excited as I always wanted to serve God on mission. But this privilege came with a choice; choosing between my student concert and the mission. I asked God to direct my path and help me discern what His will was for me. God directed me towards the mission and I gladly said yes.

The biggest hurdle that I had after saying yes to God was to speak Hindi in the mission areas. Fear and uncertainty crept inside of me but I prayed and asked God. I surrendered all my fears and insecurities to Jesus. He promised me that He would be there to help me. So trusting His assurance, I went to Assam.

The regional conference ‘Pavitrata mein kushi‘ was a week ahead. We started preparing for our testimonies and sessions. I was really nervous because I didn’t know what I would speak. At that moment I felt a peace that entered my heart and I remembered that Jesus told me He would help me. As I began preparing, the Holy Spirit began helping me and inspired me with words that I couldn’t think of.

The day I gave my testimony, I was so relaxed. The words just appeared in my mind and I spoke without any flaw, all because God never breaks any of His promises. I praised God and thanked him for the wonders He did for me.

The following week, we had a leadership camp called ‘Nehemiah camp‘ held for us. Through this camp we were taught about the life of Nehemiah and the way he led God’s people .In a similar way we were given a task of organising one in different villages. The village that I was sent to was Kanjikhowa, which is a tea estate. I was humbled when I met the people in this village; they were so happy and content with the little they possessed. I was reminded of the many things I took for granted; the house that I have, the food that I eat and very importantly the Eucharist which I get every day but is celebrated only once in two months, in those villages.

The youth were so happy to be around us. They came in large numbers for the programme. The theme was on the GRACE MAP which spoke about the different tools to live a life of holiness. This programme really built me and us as a team. I could see how god worked through us in a mighty way and how the youth were drawn towards God.

This mission trip was my first one and it really helped strengthen my relationship with Jesus. He built my confidence in speaking Hindi and proclaiming his Word. Here’s a challenge for you who is reading this to

‘never say no to going on a mission’

to the north east because it’s one of the most beautiful experience you will have of Jesus and His people.

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9 Responses to The day I said ‘Yes’ to Jesus

  1. Amazing sharing sister … It was pleasure serving with you for the Mission.. looking forward for more opportunities in future. God bless you abundantly.

  2. praise God for you dear sister in Christ and thank you for sharing your experience with all of us. I am sure God works in times where we feel its impossible. also agree to you saying God will always keep to His side of promise.

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