Discovering me!

As youth we are constantly seeking to find a foothold for ourselves, a place that will define us
and give us our identity, and when God becomes a part of this picture, it poses a challenge. To prepare for this challenge, 35 Youth and Singles from the CFCI community came together for a Discovery Camp themed ‘Who Am I’ in Mangalore, from 6th to 8th May 2011. The team from Goa, which organized the camp, comprised of Joshua Cordeiro, Levin Gomes, Marissa Andrews, Deidre Fernandes and Brenton Cordeiro. The camp was held at the Dominican Seminary at Polali, which is located on the outskirts of the city. This lush green village-like atmosphere provided for us an excellent exposure to the glory of God’s handiwork.

We began the camp on Friday evening with hymns, introductions, refreshments and Worship. After this, we got down to the more serious aspects of the camp, ‘the talks’, each of which took us to escalating spiritual heights. The talks, each beautifully simplified and explained, took us from understanding every aspect of our purpose here on earth, through realizing what true passion is and how we can develop this passion towards Jesus Christ, to understanding what worldly pleasures are and how we can abstain from them. At the same time, explaining every aspect of how and why we experience pain, and how we can overcome this feeling. Through the means of an exercise, we were made to write down all the pains in our life on a piece of paper and burn it, symbolic of removing them from our lives. All these talks, with the exception of one, were followed by a group discussion. These were carefully planned out, to cover a span of two days, making sure that we had the time and leisure to grasp the full essence of each talk. The hours in between were filled with meal and snack time, games, tours of the seminary’s beautiful farm-lands, which was nothing short of splendid and most importantly, a Pray Over which brought the 2nd day to its close.

The third day started off with a Worship Workshop, regarding how we should praise and worship Our Lord, which paved a path for the worship that we had thereafter. The Workshop was followed by the celebration of Holy Mass at the Seminary Chapel. Experiences were shared with each other and the CFCI-Couples who had just arrived. This was followed by lunch. The camp came to an end on Sunday, 8th May. This camp was an inspirational one for all of us here in Mangalore. We came to know better who we actually are and what we are destined for, by God. New friends were made, new things experienced and God’s love felt.

This camp was truly a gift from God, to whom be Glory and Praise, now and forever, Amen.

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