Discovery Camp – Mumbai

The Discovery Camp for the CFCI Youth was held from the 2nd to 4th of June, 2017 at PJMP, Nashik. The programme was oriented to help the youth to enrich their bonds with each other, their family relationships and spiritually.

The first session was on “Team building“, which emphasized on the fact that we must have a Goal and we should work together to achieve it. During the session, the speaker highlighted that we must support and bond with our fellow youth and our formators; and not only bond but also trust one another. Furthermore, the talk also brought forth the importance of taking up new challenges, being responsible for ones mistakes and also why we must evaluate and be objective about the same

The second talk was about Love and how as youth we may often search for love in the form of a relationship. The session helped us to understand that we should not rush into relationships, but instead take our time and let it build. We also learnt that love is a very special gift and so rather than turning it into something cheap or ugly, we need to have God and respect in a relationship.

The third session “Winners and Losers” started off with an activity, through which we learnt that we are called to be Winners and not to make others Losers. It was a very interesting session through which we understood the qualities that winners possess and the ones that losers possess. The talk helped us reflect and evaluate the areas where we could convert Loser qualities into the qualities of Winners.

The subsequent session was very appropriate for the youth, which was based on Addiction to mobile phones. It made us realize the times we give more importance to our phones and neglect our friends, family, our talents, hobbies and above all, God. During the talk, we understood that even though we may not realize that we are addicted to it but we may be. This gave us an opportunity to reflect and to strive to give more time to things other than our phone.

The final session “Perfect Moments” focused on our Family. The talk taught us that God said to honour our Father and Mother and we need to communicate, understand and pray for them. It also made us strive to have these perfect moments with our family. All the talks given during the Discovery Camp were extremely apt for the youth of today.

They were sessions that we could relate and use in order to grow and live a better, fuller life. We also had a beautiful, meaningful and much-needed Healing session, which helped us to ask God for forgiveness for any pain we have caused others and also to ask God to help us heal from the wounds others may have caused us. Apart from the sessions we also had a lot of games, singing and dancing. Each aspect of this camp helped us to bond with each other, and to have a closer relationship with our family and above all, with Christ.

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