The distance between us lord can’t be measured by a scale;
It grows ever wider every moment I fail.
A fool I am to believe in my own strength;
While my mind keeps telling me I need not worry of the end.

The soul you gave me cries out in despair;
I hide from your light and in darkness I’m scared.
My sinful mouth dares not sing your praise;
My chained hands refuse to rise up and receive your grace.

With eyes cast down, in silence I beg for mercy;
Before this day ends help me run the race to eternity .

About Amulya Rodrigues

Amulya Rodrigues is a full time pastoral worker for Love Life and Family, Public Charitable Trust. Like a true Mangalorean she loves to eat pork. However her love for the Father God exceeds that. Known for her short and sweet nature, she enjoys finding silliness in the most dullest of places. Her academics has an equally interesting twist, having done her BA in English, Psychology, Criminology, she went on to do her masters in Multimedia and subsequently worked for Manipal Global before becoming a full timer. Her joy lies in knowing her Father God as you may catch her saying 'I am my father's daughter' with a huge grin.

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