Don’t give up

It’s me once again, in the lost meadow,
Nobody with me, just my shadow.
I thought it’d be easy, but no its not
I feel like a rat about to rot

All have their weakness, but this is the worst
To kill your own body
That dies outta thirst

It’s like you cant keep yourself holy,
You sin every day
I feel like a needle lost in a stack of hay

Whats the use of life, if we waste every day?
Doing nothing but grumbling
About the people and the pay.

Look at the birds and the fish and the tree
They are so chirpy, happy and carefree.
But we are special, that’s why we are human
And from every passing day we have to pick and learn

It is not the end, get up from where you fell
Coz if you stay there any longer u may end up in hell
Learn from the children & from the babies to cry
Don’t store up anger in your hearts till you die

For life is short and little you have to live.
Move on with hope and in God always believe
You are special in his eyes and he loves you the most
Look at his face smiling at you from the host

Do not lose hope, it is time to stand
Life goes on this is not the end.

Dont Give Up

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