Encounter – Vasco

The CFCI Youth Vasco intake camp was held at Palotti Home, Chicalim, Vasco from 24th to 26th May 2019, the theme being ‘ENCOUNTER’. The program comprised of 5 sessions held over the three-day duration and was attended by 28 youth.

On the first day, as the crowd of participants assembled, everyone was seen excited to meet each other for the first time. The program started off with a couple of new action songs which were absolutely enjoyed by all. These, along with a few ice breakers helped to ease away the unfamiliarity and tension as the participants were seen building new bonds.

The first session ‘God’s love and His Plan for us’ was given by Carrie and spoke about God’s plans for our lives and His immense love. All the sessions were accompanied by life-related sharing’s. A group discussion followed every talk, where the participants were divided into smaller groups, each mentored by a Group Discussion (GD) head.

The second session held on the same day urged the participants to build a stronger relationship with Jesus Christ. To bring in the fun element, a few games were played and the day ended on a lighter note.

In the days that followed, the participants familiarized themselves with the concept of free praise. An activity called faith walk and faith fall was used to demonstrate the true meaning of faith, which the participants later recalled as one of the most fun parts of the camp. Following the session on ‘Sin and Repentance’, the confessions and inner healing time were beautiful. It moved the participants to reflect on their own lives and surrender themselves to God to be cleansed, healed and made whole. The participants were also led into ‘one to ones’ with their respective GD heads, which, they saw as an opportunity to share their areas of struggle.

After the teaching on the Holy Spirit, an anointing session was held where the GD heads prayed over each of their members invoking a stirring of the Holy Spirit within them. As testified, it was a touching experience for the most present, service team included.

The final day began with wholehearted praises to God. It was evident that the enthusiasm had escalated by a huge margin. After Praise and Worship, a short session on ‘Personal Prayer’ highlighted its importance in our day-to-day lives. The last session stressed Growing in the Holy Spirit and the various tools that can help to establish this growth.

Later in the day, the participants were seen enjoying themselves thoroughly with the water games. They were also encouraged to pour out their appreciation towards their parents in the form of letters. The parents also wrote back to their children. This part proved to be really emotional for the vast majority.

Everyone present participated in the Holy Eucharist after which many shared about their camp experience. The camp came to a close with an amazing Praise Fest which saw the participants energetically singing, dancing and praising God.

On the whole, the camp had something for everyone to learn and take back from and was a truly enriching, experience of a lifetime.

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