Enhance Your #Selfie: By discovering Jesus

The CFCI Youth (Andheri and Santacruz) held their intake camp themed “Enhance Your #Selfie: By Discovering Jesus” from the 5th to 7th of June, 2015. The camp was attended by a total of 46 youth residing in Andheri and Santacruz.

The camp commenced in the afternoon with an opening prayer and lively gospel songs which were then followed by an ice breaker which marked the beginning of new friendships among the participants and the team. Session 1 – God’s Love and His Plan for Us and Session 2 – Who is Jesus Christ to me? were then delivered. Session 2 comprised of an interesting enactment cum dialogue between Jesus and Alexander. Group discussions were held after every talk wherein the participants and group leaders shared their experiences of God’s love and their relationship with Jesus. Day 1 concluded with the entertainment night which comprised of various games such as As We Walk, the Whistle Game and Mad Ads.

The second day of the camp began by teaching the particpants the ACTS method of personal prayer. They were also taught the “Five Finger” prayer method, thus showing the participants the initial steps they have to take when it comes to personal prayer. A “Faith Walk” was then conducted around the campus wherein participants who were blindfolded were led by their partners who guided them along the path. They were required to pay attention to only their partners’ voice so as to avoid tripping and falling and hurting themselves. The idea behind this was to get them to have faith in the other person, who, in daily life is Jesus. Session 3 – Repentance, Faith, Healing and Forgiveness was followed by an open forum which enabled the participants to raise questions and clear their doubts. The inner healing session touched the hearts of participants as they penned down their hurts and surrendered it to Jesus by pinning it to the Cross. Session 4 – Receiving God’s Gift: The Power of the Holy Spirit set the tone for the prayover session, preceding which was the one-to-one session and confession. The participants experienced the Holy Spirit closely and committed themselves to Christ. Some participants also received the gift of tongues. Day two culminated with another fun-filled night of entertainment and games.

On the third day of camp the participants wrote letters of appreciation to their parents which were given to them later on in the day. The final session – Growing in the Spirit guided the participants to face what lies ahead and gave them direction towards sustaining their new-found relationship with Jesus in their daily lives. The participants as well as the members serving left the camp taking along with them beautiful experiences of both, faith and bonding.


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