On the 25th of May, a total of 49 participants gathered together at Vinayalaya, Andheri for the CFCI Youth intake camp. The theme of the camp, ‘Faded’, was decided by the 15 team members and formators.

The three-day event began by welcoming all the participants, followed by a small game and the first talk. The participants were very enthusiastic and participated in all the activities willingly. The day ended with a second talk and a night full of fun-filled games.

Day 2 was off to an amazing start with the ‘Faith Walk’ where the participants learned to trust each other and build new bonds. This was followed by the third talk which enlightened the minds of many followed by a time of inner healing. Here the participants were led through a reflection which enabled them to pinpoint areas of hurt and pain in their lives and then surrender them to God in order to experience the fullness of His love and mercy. The day went on with the fourth talk and ended with the ‘Pray-over Session.’ This session was truly an amazing experience for each and everyone participating as well as for those on the team.

Day 3 began with the fifth talk and a Letter writing session in which the participants wrote letters to their parents, not knowing that their parents also had written letters to them. All the participants enjoyed the next event, the Treasure Hunt and showed a lot of enthusiasm for the same.

The ‘Parent-Child Session’ was next, where the participants and their parents exchanged their letters with each other and had a moment of bonding and expressing their love. The day ended with the celebration of the Eucharist.

The camp was truly an enriching and amazing experience. It helped so many people with the many problems that they were facing. All in all, it was a truly memorable experience that everyone will cherish.

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3 Responses to Faded

  1. I was invited to this CFCI Youth camp a few days before my birthday and I just didn’t want to go for the camp. But it’s said that Jesus has plans for each of us. In the same way he had plans for me. I went to the camp with my flesh rebelling from the very beginning. But on the second day, there was this one session where we had to write our hurts and list the people who had hurt us. As I began writing I could just feel the tears rolling down my cheeks. After that we had confessions and I remember Father just saying, “God loves you and he doesn’t look at your past.” Those words made me break down in tears. After that I went for a one to one with my group animator. I was hesitant at the beginning to open up to her but when she held my knees and told me to let go of all the pain of my past, it made me feel so much lighter. On that very day a few couples and our leader prayed over me and the way the Holy Spirit worked through me, helping me through my pain and healing me, I just couldn’t get enough of His love. During the break I went to the Blessed Sacrament and prayed on my knees and I felt the Lord telling me, “My Child I am holding you.” I don’t regret going for this camp because the Lord knew I was hurt and even though I tried to ignore my hurt feelings, He never stopped loving me and taking care of me

  2. My camp experience in one word was a ‘blessing’. Obviously I went there and didn’t know anyone, but just how open I could be with my group members, roommates and most others felt really, really good. After the prayer sessions and the camp I just felt light, I felt God with me, and felt like a new me. During the time when the music ministry played a couple of songs and I committed my life to the Lord, it truly was the best thing I ever did in my life. I’m really grateful to the CFCI-Youth for giving me the opportunity to change my life.

  3. I was excited to attend this camp, as my friends were also there. I didn’t expect that this camp would bring such a major change. My experience was great especially the one to one sessions. I am not the kind of person who opens up to people but I could share things that I couldn’t tell anyone and it really felt great. The pray over session was awesome as I actually felt God’s presence. I had come to this camp with my personal problems but towards the end of it all I felt very light hearted. This was a different kind of camp as it had games, action songs and other activities which helped in making a lot of friends as well. The CFCI-Youth leaders were friendly as well. In short, attending this camp was one of the best decisions I’ve made.