From our first breath to the last,
From the beginning to the end,
From the alpha to the omega,
Who stands beside us all?
Never giving up on us whatsoever be the call;
Trust, that’s disappearing, but never on Him,
He owns our mind and our being.

In His image and likeness,
We have been created, regardless,
Of our creed or amenities we possess,
To the inheritance we eventually profess;
He has the supreme power,
To break or destroy whatsoever,
His mercy is ever flowing,
Through our veins, filling us with His grace in our being.

Everything we do, everything we say,
May it be for the glory of His name,
If we fail at that, may we realize,
We are mocking His creation and ourselves, to be precise;
Holding hands, as one family,
May we realize the importance of spirituality,
Gaining confidence in humanity,
Building pillars of love to lean on to, with a sense of equality.

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