Families of Christ

Jayan and Sigi Paul have been married for 12 years and are members of the Gurgaon CFCI community. They joined the community 3½ years ago. They would like to share their experiences, lessons learnt and how life has changed after encountering the Lord.

How has your family life changed after joining CFCI?
Our perspective towards the basic aspect of respecting each other changed upon joining CFCI. The basic concept we learnt is that our own individual salvation is through our spouse. We also changed our outlook towards the sexual relationship between husband and wife, realized the sacredness.

What are your attitudes about your children?
I want them to grow in faith. I respect my parents for playing an important role in my upbringing and my faith. I would like to inculcate the same discipline when it comes to prayer for my children.

Once when my 5-year-old son and his friends were talking about other Gods in class, my son spoke out and said “I believe in Jesus” without any hesitation. I pray that he continues to grow up with the same boldness

And I regularly asked fathers if they played with their children; if they had the courage to have the love to waste time with their children. The answer wasn’t good, eh! The majority would say: ‘But, I can’t because I have so much work to do…’ And the father was absent from that child that was growing up and didn’t play with him, he didn’t waste time with him.”
~ Pope Francis

What are the usual elements of your family prayer time?
We try to pray the rosary regularly, if not at least an Our Father, Three Hail Marys along with other traditional prayers. We follow this by individually thanking the Lord for the day and raising petitions – both common and individual.

What are the challenges you faced as a couple, and how did you resolve them?
We would have regular day-to-day disagreements, but now we make it point to speak about it with each other – not in an argumentative sense but with an intention to sort it out – keeping our ego aside even though it is at times difficult to do.

What can you do to promote world peace? Go home and love your family
~ St. Teresa of Calcutta

What do you think are the problems affecting couples today?
There is a lack of good communication which includes both sharing and listening. Quality time between spouses is also lacking. People get too busy with other things.

How have you’ll been serving God as a family?
We serve primarily in Gurgaon itself. Whenever the community needs us we are always ready to serve. We involve ourselves in the parish activities and my husband, Jayan, is a parish council member. If not for CFCI, we probably wouldn’t have even thought about it.

We too can be saints in our family, in our neighbourhood, wherever we live and work. Be a person who listens to what people need, communication not only to grieve or tell others about your own problems. Listen in order to intercede and help out.
~Pope Francis

What do you love most about the relationship you share with your children since coming to the Lord?
It has helped us be aware of times especially when we get angry, to not react or harm our child. Also to be able to ask forgiveness and communicate with the child with love and affection, and to accept our mistakes is what we have learnt in these years of being in the community, and we constantly work towards building a relationship with our child the way the Lord wants us to.

We give all glory to God for all that he is doing through the Couples ministry to strengthen families and bring them into the light of his love.

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