Family Day – Mumbai

An exciting thrill added to the chill in the air on 7th February 2016, when the Mumbai CFCI Family came together to spend an evening at St. Peters grounds in Bandra. The young and old alike joined in praising the Lord through song and dance, which was immediately followed by the Eucharistic celebration. Father Errol Fernandes, Parish Priest of St. Peter’s Church Bandra exhorted the faithful on the importance of family life – something that struck a chord with each one present.

The evening’s festivities began with our two hosts, Sachin Kinny and Dr. Richard introducing the Bandra Couples who sang a welcome song. This was followed by a children’s group, singing “Let’s get together” which was apt for the day. Their sweet voices set the tone for the evening, reminding us to reignite the childlike humility and innocence that our love should contain. The Virar group serenaded the crowd with a praise song “Gaata Rahein”– their performance was all the more notable, since they had the biggest turnout on stage.

The next item was a beautifully scripted Konkani skit reminiscent of a tiatr. It highlighted the struggles many families face in accepting their child’s choice of spouse. Even though there was much heartbreak initially, it ended quite happily.

The biblical story of Paul and Silas was depicted next in a striking dramatization, complete with well-made props, sound/light effects and a realistic whipping scene! It grabbed the attention of the whole audience who were awaiting each scene eagerly. All through the performances, one message rang loud and clear; “Praise the Lord in every single situation”.

The night was kept interesting and engaging with exciting spot prizes which brought out the competitiveness in all and it was truly a wonderful sight to see people scampering to the stage with their entire families to claim the prize for the family with the most CFCI members!

Following that was the skit put up by the CFCI Singles which strongly depicted the importance of a Sacrifice of Praise through various life circumstances – which everyone in the audience, from the youth to the couples could relate to. Replaying the theme of the Singles’ conference held last year, we were reminded to praise God and lift up a sacrifice of praise to the Lord in any and every situation.

Soon after, the CFCI Youth took the stage with their fierce and strong performance where they recounted an array of memorable biblical stories like David and Goliath, Daniel in the den of Lions etc. where the Lord has always shown mercy and has helped his people triumph over evil. This act was put together like a fashion show and not only sent across a strong message of “Never losing Hope” but was also a visual treat with brilliant costumes, lively colors and a dance act.

Later our District head, Brother Oswald Beniz congratulated everyone for coming together and putting up a memorable set of performances. He exhorted us to always work towards building up our families.

Bring the performances to a close, the group from Santacruz put up a family-themed skit that dealt with the different dynamics that go into family and community life. This well received skit was a perfect combination of good humour, great acting and a clear message.

Xavier Dias proposed the vote of thanks which was followed by a sumptuous buffet. The evening finally ended but not before there was some lively music played – A valentine’s day special set- that got everyone on the dance floor, with couples waltzing to slow numbers, jiving to the upbeat ones and of course the much wanted and mandatory Goan masala!

It is at occasions like these that the unity and oneness among us as a community is felt and for this we ought to thank and praise our Lord for his never ending love and mercy.

Report by Leanne Lima Fernandes and Ruella Fernandes


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2 Responses to Family Day – Mumbai

  1. All kudos to our Bandra chapter led by Bro. Xavier Dias who along with Santa Cruz and the entire Mumbai district’s involvement made the program such a joyful reunion.