Fire of His Love

“Come to me all who are weary and heavy laden, and I will give you rest; take my yoke upon you, and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.”

The theme of RYC ‘18 by itself was very meaningful to my life and hence the excitement level took a leap. The worry of a better future and a well-settled career often led me to take the responsibility on myself rather than to yoke it to Jesus. Jesus, being the centre of my life was not very evident until I praised and worshipped Him, offering my all at the conference.

My formators were always encouraging me to come and experience Christ’s love closely at the RYC. It is my first experience and hence I was a bit nervous as to how it would go but God swept all my worry away when I decided to yoke it upon Him. The sessions by Joshua and Dr Ehrlson were so helpful in this regard and I’m ever grateful to them for teaching me, the true meaning of the verse. The testimonies gave a wider outlook on how God works in the lives of His children. The music ministry, ‘First Aid’ did a good job in helping us feel God’s presence in our lives through pastoring, as Tita Vanessa said, in a way, I never experienced before. Vernon, Carlton, Joel and Relston led the praise and worship in a beautiful way highlighting important aspects that they changed in their lives and motivated us to do so too. The Eucharistic celebration on all the 3 days gave us an opportunity to surrender our all and partake in His Heavenly meal.

David, through his sharing, made a great impact, because his life has changed ever since he decided to lay his trust on the Most High. He uses his talent – playing the guitar for the glory of God and through his own example he showed us that each one of us is called to use our talents for the glory of His name. I had my doubts on the sacrament of confession since forever! But the peace I felt in my heart after examining my conscience and confessing, is the kind of peace that my heart has never felt earlier. I do not have any more doubts and I’m free of all the guilt. Praise be to His name! Tara, through her session, made us realize the characteristics of getting closer to God which included meekness and humility. My life in terms of my anger and ego issues have changed. I no longer react in a way that hurts the other and try my best to be meek and thus avoid unnecessary arguments.

Belinda showed us the ideal way of social networking. It isn’t bad, but the usage of it, in which it cuts off the time we could give to God is not a good thing either. Every time we are told to stop using it, but now we know how we should use it effectively. The most important session of the entire RYC, the Lectio Divina has changed my pattern of personal prayer and helps me connect to God in a better way. Reading the Scriptures is the most important part of personal prayer but never did I know the actual way of doing it. Never could I figure out how God responds to me. But now I got a clear path on how to wait for a response from the Almighty.

I’m grateful to RYC ‘18 for giving me a companion in Christ, in a beautiful soul like Joela. The GD sessions were very useful and we spoke on each and every session fruitfully about how it works in our lives and the areas of improvement. The pray-over session helped in instilling peace within myself holding hands and praying with my GD head, a sister in Christ.

The party night was fun. Faith involves enjoyment in worshipping the Lord and this was clearly evident, as all of us dressed up as a saint, played games and danced to the tunes of the band – ‘Faith’.

The on-spot and off-spot competitions got us to use our talents for the glory of His name. The mad ad, praise parade and mannequin challenge brought alive the team spirit in us that made God as the centre.

“Come Alive” we were called, and we came back as humans alive with the fire of His love in our hearts. RYC ‘18 for sure has made a great impact on my life. Thanks to the entire service team for putting forth an amazing 3-day conference to get each and every one of us closer to the Lord. Praise be to Him on High because it was His plan for me and the others to be a part of it.

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