My First Mission Destination: Assam

Being a part of the community for two years, I’ve always heard about people’s amazing mission experiences and I’ve always wanted to be a part of a mission but no opportunity came my way. Fortunately for me, after a long wait I got a chance to be a part of a mission to Assam. I was extremely excited for it albeit it would be a month long. I had no expectations to be met since it was my first time. I was just happy that I was getting an opportunity to serve God, but in my heart I did want God to touch and heal me in some areas of my life.

Now being a part of a mission, one must expect to serve in some way. Unfortunately for me, I was assigned the task of giving a sharing at the Youth Conference in Assam. This was one of my worst fears since I am a terrible speaker and tremble with stage fright even blanking out quite often. However, I did prepare my sharing. Whilst in the train to Assam, I shared about my stage fright and the team advised me to ask the Holy Spirit for His help. I heeded their advice and began praying to the Holy Spirit.

On the day of my sharing, honestly I was still scared. We were prayed over by the team before the session. During this time I made a small prayer asking the Holy Spirit to take away my fear and to help me give my sharing, all for God’s glory. After this I felt a joy within me, one that I’ve never felt before. With this same joy and a new found confidence I gave my sharing and not once did I falter, tremble or blank out. For someone who finds it difficult to do the reading at mass, here I stood in front of 200 people without the slightest tremble. I was truly amazed, more so because I spoke in Hindi which I’m not that fluent in.

Often, we take things for granted when we are at home, however when in Assam we would pray for everything, for water, electricity and even the weather. The weather in Assam is unpredictable and it would pour heavily anytime of the day. We would pray for the weather and amazingly it did not rain when we wanted to have outdoor activities and we could even dry our clothes when we were running out of clean ones.

I am very thankful to God for giving me this opportunity to serve him. I learnt a lot from this mission through everything that happened and especially through the people I met. I thank God for the friends he blessed me with through this mission. My faith and trust in God has increased. I learnt that our God is a faithful God and He can move mountains to make a way for you. He gave me strength and helped me overcome my weaknesses. At the start, I mentioned how I personally wanted God to touch and heal some areas of my life and our ever loving God did do so. I have noticed that I have become a simpler person. God has blessed me with joy in my heart and I look forward to serving Him through more missions.

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3 Responses to My First Mission Destination: Assam

  1. Praise God that you choose to go on mission. this is the only way we can experience what other people go thru and make us look at things in a very different way. God bless you.