Fools for Christ

Practiced what was Preached!

A Youth meeting at Mall de Goa? The formators were definitely losing it! It all seemed so ridiculous and farfetched!
Well it did happen as planned on 11th June and it would be remembered by the CFCI Youth of Porvorim as ‘The meeting at the mall‘.

By 4pm that evening, all had gathered at the food court rather excited and a tad bit suspicious too, especially the newer members. However this piqued our interests and the attendance was the best so far!

We began the session with a prayer by Wayne followed by a talk ‘Fools for Christ‘ delivered by me. The talk spoke about the crazy things people who are in love do for one another and likened that with the craziest and seemingly most foolish thing Christ did for us, namely dying on the cross. The talk brought us to the realization that if Christ was ready to be mocked at and made a fool of as a part of the plan to save us and in order to show us how much He loves us, we owe it to Him to become fools for Him.

Weinschel gave a sharing on how he was a fool for Christ among his friends. After that the question was put forward to everyone present asking them if they were ready to be fools for Christ to which a loud ‘YES‘ resounded through the mall. So we decided to begin right there in the mall itself..

Each person was asked to write ‘Jesus Loves You‘ on pieces of coloured paper and decorate them in their unique style. These were then to be used for an activity held later.

The dance ministry’s practice session of ‘Undignified‘ got a lot of people’s attention. The newer members were told that the action song was to be performed in front of everyone present at the food court and hearing this there was a lot of nervous chatter amongst them accompanied with ‘oohhhs‘, ‘aaahhhhs‘ and the oh so common ‘I’m standing behind you ah‘.

Now it was showtime. We gathered near the food stalls, closer to the crowd and began singing and dancing to ‘Undignified‘. Everyone’s eyes were on us and they were wondering what we were doing. Even though people were staring at us we continued because we were all so excited. Once the dance was done, we split up and distributed the cards that were made earlier that read ‘Jesus Loves You‘. We got different reactions from the people, some appreciated our courage to do it and some didn’t really say anything.

This brought us to the end of a really amazing meeting. By God’s grace everything went on smoothly. We got a chance to live out our faith in a fun and different way. I was apprehensive about giving a talk in the mall, but God allayed my fears. This was indeed a lovely way to evangelize and have fun at the same time. I’m pretty sure all the youth had a lot of stories to tell their folks back home. We are grateful to our formators who came up with this idea of the meeting at the mall and organising it so well.

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10 Responses to Fools for Christ

  1. It was so much of fun!
    But along with the enjoyment, you gave us an amazing insight on how wonderful it is to be a fool for Christ, to stand up for whom we believe in and.. truly be His little witnesses.
    Great work Charissa!

  2. I’ve done similar things before so I was pretty confident that it would be smooth sailing, however at that moment to dance in front of so many people it proved quite difficult. Hanan’s encouraging words helped me and once I started dancing there was no turning back.

  3. Initially the whole idea scared me but once I started dancing I realised that I wasn’t doing it for me but for someone much bigger and then all my fear just vanished and I was filled with this beaming confidence.

  4. Going to the mall was a different experience from our regular church meetings. We had a flash mob and even though we were probably not very synchronised and we may have not even known the lyrics, we were able to give our best knowing that Jesus was proudly watching us. Even the distribution of the ‘Jesus Loves You’ cards to random strangers was such a different experience.

  5. The experience enriched and encouraged me. We proclaimed the good Word and I also overcame my fears of facing crowds.

  6. I appreciate the courage each of you have. I would feel so awkward doing it at a ‘mall’ but you guys just set the bar up. I pray your courage which comes from God’s grace always lead you to stand for Jesus wherever you are. PROUD OF YOU CFCI YOUTH PORVORIM!!

  7. mannnnnn… this is awesome. I just don’t have words to appreciate each of you guys. this is great stuff and you need the Holy Spirt and also the nerve to do this. way to go and as Levin said the standards to evangelize have just been set high really high. GOD bless you all and I pray each of the CFCI member be blessed with the same zeal and passion. let me hear an AMEN to that.