Full Timers Meet

I don’t know from where to start from but attending the ‘Full Timers Meet‘ was a challenge for me. It all started two weeks before the program, when a full timer, messaged me asking if I was interested to attend this program?

As a CFCI youth, I am excited for everything around me. Given the fact that this was a special full timers program, it made me even more excited but excitement didn’t remain long as I realized my exams and the program were clashing on the same dates.

Though I was sad that I would not make it for the full timers meet due to exams, I knew if God has a plan to send me for the program, he will works things out in my favor and that’s exactly what he did! The exam dates were postponed by a week due to certain reasons and finally I was allowed to make it for the program.

Though God made a way for me to attend; I suddenly fell ill before the program, due to which I could not be part of the first day of the program. The story does not end here, even the next day in spite of bad health I was still determined to attend the program, so I drove all the way from Siolim to old Goa Though I was lost on the way and had to face other obstacles, by God’s grace, I was able to reach the venue successfully. Even though I missed the first talk, I was made feel comfortable by our Country Servant, Tito Jose. The spiritual words that came out from his mouth were exactly the same spiritual thought that was in my mind for the past nine years.

In spite of reaching late I could cope up with the links between the talks which was only possible with the amazing full timers who gave me a brief of the earlier talks during the tea breaks. It was a great opportunity to be surrounded with full timers from other parts of India. They explained to me about the functioning of households (HH),the activities and games they play which could help others understand the bible concepts much better. The best part was learning and saying prayers in another language. The talks were amazing which focused on building a better relationship with God and most importantly, building and growing up in community life. The ‘Reconciliation time‘ was actually a very effective time which helped me heal my inner wounds and stress towards another brother/sister in the community.

The best part about the CFCI community is the ‘one to one‘ sessions with elders which help us open up our troubles and worries. It helps us to focus on the areas in which we are weak and allows us to overcome them with their guidance. At this program, during my one to one, Tito Jose guided me exceptionally well, with all the areas of my life and motivated me to evangelize much more than I used to before.

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