Glorious Mystery: The Ascension

Bible Passage Related to the Mystery: Mark 16 :14-20
Later He appeared to the eleven as they sat at the table; and He rebuked their unbelief and hardness of heart, because they did not believe those who had seen Him after He had risen. And He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature. He who believes and is baptized will be saved; but he who does not believe will be condemned. And these signs will follow those who believe: In My name they will cast out demons; they will speak with new tongues; they will take up serpents; and if they drink anything deadly, it will by no means hurt them; they will lay hands on the sick, and they will recover.” So then, after the Lord had spoken to them, He was received up into heaven, and sat down at the right hand of God. And they went out and preached everywhere, the Lord working with them and confirming the word through the accompanying signs. Amen

After the death and crucifixion of Jesus, the apostles were depressed and heartbroken. Lost in their own grief, they refused to believe anything more about Jesus and even forgot all that Jesus had said. They could not see the light at the end of the tunnel, no hope, no joy.

The ascension of Jesus was needed for us to receive His promise – The Holy Spirit. When Jesus was on earth He was accessible to just a few rather than to all nations. But now Christ can be present and accessible to each one of us through the Holy Spirit. His ascension into heaven opens a path for us to be one with the Father again. The gates of paradise swing open.

Lift up your heads, O gates! and be lifted up, O ancient doors! That the King of glory may come in!
~ Psalm 24:7

Jesus now being seated at the right hand of the Father intercedes for each one of us in the mission He has called us to continue. Our mission: To go out and preach, making known the one true loving God. Jesus assures them and us that He will be with them to the very end.


  • Like the disciples do I get lost in my own grief when faced with trials and suffering, and fail to trust God in that situation?
  • Am I true and faithful to the mission that God has entrusted me with?
  • Do I seek the Holy Spirit our counselor, comforter and helper to help me deal with my fears, inhibitions, and worries?

Life Sharing:
Mama Mary too was entrusted a mission- to bring Christ into this world. She may have had difficult choices to deal with; life and death, people or God, fear or courage. With the Holy Spirit, she was able to choose life, God and courage.

For a very long time, I had no idea of the mission that Jesus had entrusted to each one of us. When this became known to me I was filled with a lot of anxiety and fear, especially the fear of death. I had an aversion to every discussion on the topic of ‘Mission’. I was not willing to come out of my so-called self acclaimed “safe haven” and was comfortable serving within the boundaries I had created. I never agreed to even address this area in prayer. I did not want to listen to what God had to do and say to me in this area of my life. Eventually, I opened up to God a little and as slowly as possible. The Potter began to mould me in this area, gently. One day as I sat to pray, I read the passage on the stoning of Stephen. I felt the spirit nudging me to read it every day. I desired for this courage. Slowly, the word began to take flesh in my life. The Holy Spirit strengthened me with His spirit of courage and boldness. I was able to deal with a lot of my needless fear, especially the fear of death. Well, some disciples are feeders but never farmers. They are listeners but not doers. I belonged to the listeners and the feeders until the Lord touched me and set me free to spread His Gospel without fear.

Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? Shall trouble or hardship or persecution or famine or nakedness or danger or sword? No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us.
~ Romans 8: 35, 38

Lord Jesus, you call each of us to serve you. Mama Mary intercedes for me to embrace my mission here on earth. Help me to continue to discern God’s voice and trust that He will provide all I need to preach your Good News. As you said yes to your mission and trusted that God would be with you till the very end, may my faith deepen in that same trust that He will be with me till the very end.

Virtue to learn from Mother Mary for the day: Trust and courage

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