Glorious Mystery: The Assumption

Bible passage related to the mystery: Psalm 132:8
Arise, O Lord, into thy resting place: thou ark, which thou hast sanctified…
Munificentissimus Deus – “The Immaculate Mother of God, the ever-virgin Mary, having completed the course of her earthly life, was assumed body and soul into heavenly glory.

My car was giving me some starting problems. I took it to my local mechanic, a good talking young chap. He took one look at my car and asked me to change the battery. I agreed as it seemed like the issue, I changed it. After a few days, I began to face the same problem, this time, he changed the spark plugs, I agreed this time too, as if it is not the battery then if would have to be something to do with the spark plugs. After a few days, the same problem yet again. This time I decided to go to an experienced mechanic, who spent a lot of time investigating the issue and then decided to change the timing chain. It was fixed.
I did learn a wonderful lesson, I do not have extensive knowledge of the workings of a car, neither did I try to spend time trying to learn it methodically. To be knowledgeable about something I need to study with the help of experts.

How many times do I claim to be a know it all, or a ‘Google it all?’ How many times have I searched my symptoms on the internet and found out that I have a cancer of the throat, blood, skin and every organ of my body? In a similar manner, what about the teachings of the Catholic Church? Do I claim to be a ‘know it all’ or ‘a search it all’?

I am not qualified to give a rationale of the Assumption of Mother Mary. But this mystery does remind me of 2 things which I would like to share.

  • It reminds me of my preparedness for death:
    I recall a priest in his homily saying we are born to die, and every minute that we live brings us closer to our death.
    Are we prepared for the end of our earthly life? Are we in a state of grace? Or do we have any unconfessed sins that block us from having a free-flowing relationship with God.

    Death is a difficult and a strong reminder of the purpose of our lives, and many who have a ‘Near to death experience’ change their course of lives for good.

    Mother Mary was a model of always being prepared, by her assumption it reminds us to always be pure, always be prepared. So prepared that at the end of her earthly life, she was assumed into heaven. We too should strive to always be pure.

  • My devotion to Mother Mary:
    What a better day, to proclaim the dogma of assumption than All Saints Day – 1st Nov 1950. Mother Mary has the most prized place in heaven, higher than all the saints. The church chose a wonderful day to proclaim the assumption of Mary, highlighting that she is very special in the hierarchy of saints in heaven, and in yet another mystery she is crowned Queen of Heaven. Today we see many Non-Christians experiencing the blessings of Mother Mary as they have a strong devotion to her, the manner of showing that devotion we may feel inclined to criticize. But let’s look into ourselves, and ponder how do we show our devotion to Mother Mary or do we show any devotion at all.

    How many times have we gone for a retreat or a spiritual programme, said yes to Jesus Christ to do what He commanded and then in a couple of weeks gone back to our own ways?

    Mother Mary is a model of consistency and spiritual maturity. She was with Jesus until His death and with the disciples even after His resurrection. She did not waiver in her faith.

    Something that we lack in today’s times. Very often after a retreat we are all charged up, we pray and sing songs that say yes to Jesus, accepting God’s will, but our promise to God is soon forgotten, we get back to our daily routines and forget what it means to be consistent. Mother Mary is an inspiration and is an example of having consistent faith. In Mother Mary, we have a guide who can help us to have a deeper relationship with Jesus.


  • Am I ready to die today?
  • Mother Mary is crowned Queen of Heaven. Do I give her that honour in my life or is she just my messenger carrying all my petty needs to Jesus, day in and day out?

Life sharing:
Strangely I have been inspired by many non-Christians to realize how much Mother Mary loves us. I have seen my uncle ardently pray to her every single day and his life is an example of living in the shadow of our Mother’s mercy and love. The examples and miracles that are attributed to her are endless. I have proofs before me, but I fail to acknowledge her greatness. Despite having such exposure, I lack the zeal and devotion towards her. The challenges get tougher when we have a struggling faith and find it difficult to stand by the dogmas.

Spiritual consistency is something that I yearn for. Daily prayer is one such example. I am sure that though Mother Mary lived with the Son of God, during most of His days on earth, she did have a daily prayer time despite all the duties and responsibilities she had. I have seen the spiritual and earthly rewards, daily prayer brings along, but I take God for granted, postponing my spiritual activities to a “less busy” time.

As I conclude this writing, I am taken back to the times where I felt that I had to defend Mother Mary in a crowd that was not supportive of our Marian beliefs. As I tell the world about what my church teaches me, I realize that what Mother Mary wants from me is to have a more profound faith in Jesus and to let my life strongly speak of my devotion to Jesus and Mother Mary.

God our Father, help us to grow stronger in our faith especially in the teachings of the Catholic Church, Lord we believe, help our unbelief. Lord, help us to be ready when we are called from our earthly life. Help us to always be in a state of grace like Mother Mary, preserve us from the stain of sin and grant us a pure heart to repent when we fail. Father, help us to be consistent in our spiritual walk towards you, help us to look and learn from Mother Mary. Grant us Lord the desire to be saints. We make this prayer through Jesus Christ our Lord and through the intercession of Mother Mary. Amen.

Virtue to learn from Mother Mary for the day: Consistency and Spiritual Maturity

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