Glow 2019

The CFCI Youth of Panjim organised a youth-intake camp called ‘Glow in the light of Christ’ at the Blessed Sacrament Retreat House in Alto Santa Cruz from 30 May – 1 June 2019 which was attended by forty-five participants. It began with the music ministry getting the youth pumped up for the upcoming three days. After a few games and a short break, the first talk on God’s love and His plan for us was given followed by group discussions. The next talk was about Who is Jesus Christ to me. After this, we had fellowship and dinner and then we said the Rosary. Night games such as the bedsheet game, Bible charades and Bible mad gab were arranged and everyone enjoyed thoroughly.

On day two, there was a session on personal prayer and the participants were given time for their own personal prayers. The next talk was on Repentance, Faith, Healing and Forgiveness followed by an obstacle course called the Faith Walk, and there was another called Faith Fall where one participant had to lean back and fall trusting that their partner will catch them. We then had an Inner Healing session after which the participants headed for a one-to-one session with their respective group’s discussions head. After lunch was a session on Confession to help participants make a good Confession. Once they had made their Confessions the fourth talk on The Power of the Holy Spirit was given. A session on Praise followed and participants were prayed over by their group discussion heads. It was an amazing experience for all as they felt the Holy Spirit take control and everyone left the chapel with a great sense of peace. After dinner, the participants dressed up in white and glow-in-the-dark bands were given to them for a Glow Party held on the terrace in which everyone joined in dancing and singing. There was a relay race too with various games which left the participants feeling exhilarated.

On day three, after short praise and worship session there was a game and we then received the last talk on Growing in the Spirit. The participants were guided to write a letter to their parents. When the parents arrived the letters were exchanged and they spent some time conversing with their children. After this, the Holy Eucharist was celebrated. The parents then got to see the songs and dance their children had learnt during the camp. There was a time of sharing where many participants said that they felt inner peace, another participant said that she saw a vision of her running through the open gates of heaven and embracing the Heavenly Father and that she received the gift of tongues. There was a Praise Fest to conclude in which everyone present was invited to share in the fellowship. The camp ended with content hearts and countless blessings!

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