Goa District Servant Conference 2013

The Goa District Servant’s Conference (GDSC) was held on 21 July 2013, at Fr. Agnel College, Verna. The conference began on a high note with the music ministry gathering the delegates and welcoming them with a song and dance. The conference was then declared open by the District Servant, Tito Elvis.

Ravi and Mevia were the anchors for the conference bringing out a lot of joy and excitement from the people. They welcomed the delegates and got them together to do a crowd roll. The entire community, the young and the old, participated in the crowd roll with gusto. The anchors added another element of fun by having a quiz for the audience based on general knowledge about CFCI-Goa. The winners were awarded. Baptist Dias, CFCI Community member from Santa Cruz was then invited on stage to lead the gathering into praise and worship.

Post worship, the country servant, Tito A. V. Jose, declared the theme for the year through his first session. He referred to

John 6: 29 – This is the work of God that you believe in Him whom He has sent

and said that it was the verse for the community for the year 2013-2014. Tito Jose then went on to exhort the community to accept God’s invitation to believe that Jesus is the Love of God come down from Heaven to teach and to trust God as Father. He impressed upon the community that God wants them to grow in love by loving the way Jesus did, that is, by obeying His commandments in all that they do.

After the session, the CFCI-Handmaids from Porvorim illustrated total dependence on Jesus by way of a beautifully choreographed dance to the song ‘One Desire’. Soon after, Fr. Justin Sequeira prepared the community to be led into a time of adoration and repentance before the most Blessed Sacrament. CFCI-Community member Vera Dias then led the gathering into adoration. The Holy Eucharist was then celebrated by Fr. Saturnin Dias and Fr. Justin Sequeira.
Lunch and a time of fellowship followed which saw the community, both young and old, engaged in sharing testimonies and spreading happiness and love. Post lunch, the music ministry First Aid, gathered the audience and got them to engage in a little exercise by way of action songs.

Tito Elvis then congratulated and felicitated Tito Tony & Tita Maria Correia for their 27 years of service in the community. He informed them that they were being sent as missionaries beyond the borders to Africa. CFCI-Singles and Couples shared about the love and joy that they have received through Tony and Maria. A video prepared by a Single showed their journey in the community right from the beginning till date.
The afternoon session of the conference then started with a lot of testimonies on trusting God in difficult times. Brother Pascoal Carvalho from Tilamol came forward to share his story of trusting God during difficult times. Steffi Rodrigues and Luane Gomes, CFCI Singles from Santa-Cruz then shared their own walk of faith, believing in Jesus and doing what He commanded.

Timoteo and Zeenia from Margao were honoured for their generosity to give to the Lord six children. They both shared their lovely experience of this big family with the CFCI family.

And finally, Tito Orlando and Tita Sandra, Chapter Servants of Porvorim, were commended for the way their chapter has grown in every ministry from Kids and Youth to Singles, Handmaids and Couples. A video presentation was made of all the activities the chapter has organised in order to evangelise and spread the message of Christ’s love and mercy.
The conference was then brought to a close with the anchors, Ravi and Mevia, wishing everyone a blessed year ahead and reminding them to “believe” in Him.

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