Goa District Servants’ Conference (GDSC) 2011

Formerly known as Leaders Conference, the Goa District Servants’ Conference (GDSC) 2011 was truly a touching experience for our Servant Formators. The conference was titled

His Grace… In Our Need

taken from the Scriptures (Heb. 4:16)
Praise and Worship at GDSC
The conference was special since God brought together over 1000 CFCI members from the dioceses of Jalpaiguri (West Bengal), Mumbai, Vasai, Pune, Sindhudurg, Belgaum, Karwar, Mangalore and Goa to experience His redeeming love and merciful grace.

Faith - Music MinistryThe first Session ‘Recognizing Our Brokenness’ reminded the participants of our happy birth and the love and warmth we received from our mothers. The session helped the participants recognize brokenness from sibling rivalry, perceived rejection in school by teachers and classmates, hurts in our love life and other unfulfilled expectations in marriage. The session emphasized on the broken body: how we can respond in revulsion or we can respond in love that seeks to care for and heal such a broken body. The conference had a special shadow play by the CFCI Panjim Youth which highlighted the various cries in our lives, our families, our community and our society. Subsequent sessions spoke about Receiving His Grace and Becoming Instruments of His Grace, Understanding our Call to Community and also discovering our humanity, besides acknowledging our brokenness.

The insightful sessions were delivered by Tony and Maria Correia, Anna Menezes and Savio Keni. Gospel bands ‘Faith’ and ‘First Aid’ led the community in music and prayer.

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