All Goa Singles Advent Gathering

The All Goa Singles meeting for the month of December was held in a unique manner as an advent gathering on 8th December, 2013. The programme began around 6:30 pm on Mount Mary church grounds in Old Goa. The place was beautifully decorated, setting the mood for the events that were to take place.

After initial refreshments and fellowship, the gathering was led into a time of reflection by Joshua Cordeiro. This was followed by the main event of the evening which was the decoration of the Jesse tree. Jesse was the father of David and formed a part of the genealogy of Jesus as mentioned in Isaiah 11:1 which says:

‘A shoot shall come out from the stump of Jesse, and a branch shall grow out of his roots’.

Biblical symbols representing the ancestry of Jesus were prepared in advance by the chapters and were then added one by one onto the tree. As each ornament was being hung, a Bible verse was read to explain the symbol. There were a total of 25 symbols that aimed at sharing God’s redemptive plan for the world.

This event was followed by carol singing competition wherein each chapter had to perform two Christmas carols that were Christ centered. The evening was filled with a number of interesting spot games as well as some group games.

The hosts for the evening were Stephanie and Sammy who helped the gathering reflect on their lives and what they need to do this advent. After a sumptuous dinner and a few photographs, the gathering dispersed carrying with them the true meaning of Christmas;
-Christmas is all about Jesus and that all we can give him this Christmas is the one thing that he didn’t give us, and that’s our sin.


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