My GOD – Creator of All

It was a jolly good time for the little ones in Bangalore as the curtains were raised for the Kids Village with the theme, “MY GOD – CREATOR OF ALL“, at Snehadaan on February 16, 2014. Sometimes words are never enough to describe the depth of God’s love for His little children. His love and plans are so mighty, that it reaches beyond our behavior and circumstances.

It was marvelous to see a turnout of hundreds of kids varying from the age of 6 to 15 years at the Kids Village. As God’s desire and plan was being executed, ‘First Aid‘, a band from Goa took charge of the music for the precious souls. As they led them in worship, the little ones jumped, wriggled and danced along to all the new action songs.

The kids were then separated into juniors and seniors for the workshops. The juniors were taken over by the CFCI Singles from Bangalore while the seniors were led by the CFCI Singles from Goa.

Juniors – 6 years to 10 years
Bubbling with unbounded enthusiasm, the juniors were keen and enthusiastic to learn about God and His wonderful creations. The kids were introduced to the theme of the Kids Village with a special video made by Amulya, where they learnt on how God magnificently created the wonderful world in which we live.

During the morning session, CFCI Singles from Bangalore explained and demonstrated to the kids through various activities, teachings, skits and activities, the awesomeness of the work of God involved in the six days of creation. Each workshop involved a unique activity to make the kids understand and appreciate God’s great work!

The first workshop was on, ‘Heaven, Earth, Light and Darkness’ by Lavisha Saldanha. She explained in detail on how the earth was with a form and then formed wonderfully by comparing our creator to a potter who makes beautiful pots from clay which has no form. There was also an activity where the kids learnt about the creation of light and darkness.

It was followed by a workshop on, ‘Water and Sky’ by Clary Saldanha. The kids were made to jog around from indoor to outdoor to know how we thirst and how water helps us to quench the thirst. He also explained how the rain drops are created and their significance.

After a short break, the kids had their next workshop on, ‘Land, Plants, Trees, Fruits and Flowers’ by Kelvin Castelino. CFCI singles enacted a skit to help the kids understand the formation of seed, plants, trees and fruits. Later, Kelvin explained to them the characteristics of each of them.

The next workshop was on, ‘Seasons, Stars, Sun and Moon’ by Amanda Monteiro. Here, the kids learnt about the different seasons through an interesting and fun puppet show.

It was continued by a workshop on, ‘Birds and Fishes’ by Petula Dias. The kids got to watch different videos and pictures of birds and fishes and learnt about how God had made each of them unique.

The last workshop of the day was on, ‘Creation of Man and Woman’ by Maria Laveena. The kids learnt about how beautifully they were created in God’s image and likeness. They also learnt about the different powers God has bestowed them upon and how they could use it every day.

After a good lunch, as part of the theme during the afternoon session, the children got to learn how to make newspaper bags and colorful wind chimes by hanging beautiful pictures of sun, moon, stars, birds and fishes etc. The radiant little ones also planted plants in the little pots that were given to them and watered them as a sign that they would take care of the rest of the creations that God has bequeathed to them.

The evening session ended with a unique gesture of the CFCI singles washing the feet of the children. The little ones were touched by the gesture and very excited to be served in such a unique manner.

Seniors – 11 years to 15 years
The kids who were in a transition from being called ‘Kid’ to ‘Youth’ were handled vigilantly by CFCI Singles from Goa. The first session for the day was given by Levin Gomes. The kids got to play a unique treasure hunt, where they had to memorize a bible verse in each of the six stages which spoke about God’s unconditional love for them. Later, Levin explained how all of them are so perfect and special in God’s eyes and that He has greatly blessed them with unique talents to glorify Him.

It was followed by another activity where the kids were asked to reach a certain destination with their hands and legs tied, which obviously most of them failed to do. In relation to that, Joshua Cordeiro gave the second session on how each one was tied to material things and is hindering us from getting closer to God. Joshua Cordeiro shared his own experiences and made the kids understand that the kids have to let go of the material things and grab the opportunities that will help them grow spiritually.

The final session of the day was given by Elvis Dias. There was an interesting activity where each group had to cross an imaginary fire pond with just two life guards in the form of paper sheets. The children who found it quiet tough learnt from Elvis the important tools for Christian living that would help them to get closer to God.

During the above workshops, the children took a break for the special Eucharistic celebration and lunch. After which, the workshops continued. The curtains rolled down for the day with a mesmerizing praise fest, where the kids taught their parents the action songs that they learnt. The little ones who hopped in with their baby footsteps went back dancing for “Chada” and “Creep Creep” with a cup cake and loads of goodies in their hands!

On the one hand, if the CFCI Singles were busy serving during the Kids Village, on the other hand our CFCI Couple Gerard Anthony and Audrey Gerard gave a session to the parents of the kids who were attending the Kids Village.

The couples had their own time of praise and worship and began the day with a session on “Love Languages”. They had various exercises and assessments that helped them understand their love for their spouses and children. Audrey says that after listening to the teaching many realized that they didn’t know their spouses too well and wanted to rush back home to know them better. After lunch, the couples played biblical dumb charades and had a fun time.


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