The God, Our defender & Our protector

A holiday in Australia on a beautiful island might just be a paradise. For us it was indeed one until a fateful night, when my daughter fell from the couch and broke her hand. We had just returned our rental vehicle for two days and wanted to enjoy the remaining 5 days in this isolated wonderland. Stranded without transport, my husband ran to the only old neighbours’ next door that we recently met.

With worry and concern they rushed over and immediately called emergency services who told them to get Rebecca to the nearest health centre, the nearest being 40 kilometres away. Without hesitation they offered us the use of their car. Being on a pace maker & having taken an evening drink the husband couldn’t drive. But they accompanied us & showed us the way to the health centre all the while praying and offering us words of support.

When we reached, we were immediately admitted to the emergency & the doctor set her hand in a cast. She however couldn’t identify the extent of the fracture as they did not have x-ray facilities. She recommended us to proceed immediately to the main City hospital which is 150kms away in the opposite direction. With despair we agreed and these true neighbours offered to come with us again despite it now being the middle of the night. They were not deterred by the inconvenience and was only focused on Rebecca getting the right help.

It was passed midnight when we reached the city hospital and we were again admitted to the emergency. A young doctor checked her and scheduled an x ray. He returned with the results and we were shocked to learn that she had multiple fractures to her elbow. He recommended an operation involving nuts and bolts and screws. We went cold with fear. He also noticed an area that both he and the main doctor could not identify. He said he would get a second opinion with the orthopaedic doctors who would arrive in the morning.

All the while this old couple consoled us with Divine Mercy rosaries. We even offered to drop them home but they had neither a care for the time but only wanted Rebecca to be fine. The orthopaedic doctors, after consultation recommend another round of X Rays but now at a 90 degree angle. Imagine Rebecca’s anguish. The mild anaesthesia in the form of laughing gas failed to help the pain. Some how they managed to recast her hand and take the X Ray.
While waiting for the results, the night doctors shift ended. And we were still waiting. It was 11 am then. I suddenly remembered a friend of mine telling me about how Psalm 91 helped her in her tough times. I did not have it on my phone so I decided to put a Google search for it. It must have just pulled up on my screen when the Morning doctor came in and said , Rebecca did not need the operation. I couldn’t contain my joy at this verdict and marvelled how good our God is. His word in Psalm 91 resonated which said I will catch you if you fall. The doctor then said I could take Rebecca home and do the follow up treatment in India.

Happy and full of hope I called my husband who was praying with our neighbours in the waiting room. He did not pick his cell and at that time I assumed he was settling the bill.

We were anyway expecting it to be huge as we had two admittances into emergency, use of the room, X ray, doctors consultation and supplies. When Nick came I told him the good news that Rebecca was fine enough to go home and inquired about the cost of the bill. He quizzically told me that he had not cleared the bill. I told him to please find out as I signed the Discharge papers that the doctor gave me. Imagine our surprise when they said we didn’t have to pay anything. Not one dollar did we haveto spend in a country where medical expenses are supposed to be the highest and we were travelling without medical insurance. Our God is so good that he provides for our every need.

What touched us the most is the two angels that the Lord sent in the form of these neighbours. They didn’t know us prior to the week before, they didn’t complain about the time or the inconvenience of the hours. We were stranded without transport and they came to our aid. It was all God’s doing! He sent his angels, cured Rebecca’s hand & saved us the expense. What a mighty God we have.

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